NEWS: Briq Bookings Launches New Multi-Activity Widget

Online booking July 08, 2024
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Briq Bookings, a leading platform for online reservations, proudly introduces its new multi-activity widget. This innovative tool allows guests to easily plan a complete day out, including multiple activities, on any device.

The Briq Bookings widget offers numerous benefits, such as increasing average booking value through automated upsell and cross-sell opportunities, reducing administrative burdens with automated group bookings, and optimizing reservations with a smart planner. Additionally, the widget ensures a seamless, user-friendly booking experience that boosts revenue and reduces cancellations.

“With the launch of our new widget, we aim to help our clients run their businesses more efficiently and enhance the customer experience,” says Harald Timmer, CEO & Head of Sales & Business Development at Briq Bookings. “Our solution is designed to support both small and large businesses, offering comprehensive integrations for a seamless booking experience.”

Businesses can easily integrate the new widget into their websites with a small piece of code and benefit from the fully automated booking process, including online payments and automatic confirmations and reminders.


About Briq Bookings

Briq Bookings is an innovative leader in online booking solutions, specializing in optimizing the reservation process for various entertainment activities. With a focus on user-friendliness and efficiency, Briq Bookings helps businesses increase their revenue and streamline their operational processes.

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