Briq leisure insights – industry gets a grip on new target groups through wide range of deals

Leisure industry April 05, 2019
Leisure industry insights - offer wide range of deals

Most tickets for amusement parks, zoos or museums are often offered on discount at drugstores or supermarkets rather than at the venue itself. Which is odd when you consider that these tickets are sold with great discounts to such channels. Around 30% of all tickets in the leisure industry are sold through third parties and this is only increasing.


The leisure industry seems to be losing control of its own ticket sales.


Many leisure business offer a limited range of tickets while the answer is in a wider and more versatile range. Why is there not a pay-for-use? A family that visits the zoo does not want to pay for the whole day if they make limited use of its facilities. Only using the swimming pool or only being present for 2 hours requires an adjustment of the tickets.

How to attract with pre-packaging‍

Millennials want to be free, (not) have to and comfort. ABN Amro has made a reference here to the large increase in sales of pineapples. In addition to the fact that people are more conscious of their health, the pineapple owes its popularity mainly to the way in which the pineapple is offered.


With smaller and pre-packaged portions, it has become more attractive for many new target markets (millennials). If the leisure industry uses the same tactic here, this may be the solution that people are looking for. Briq can help with this.

Briq leisure insights - industry gets a grip on new target groups through wide range of deals

Payment option per time or attraction

‍A customized offer is what people increasingly want and this is also within reach of the leisure industry. Consider paying for the actual time that you are present (e.g. only the in morning) or per attraction. Museums can also benefit from this by allowing guests to pay only for the exhibitions they visit.


Younger consumers (millennials) in particular have a strong need for alternative and flexible payment options that better match their daily lives. It is an attractive model to attract more visitors who would otherwise visit.


Get to know your target groups‍

Paying for what is used becomes the new status quo. Not only in the leisure industry. It is an interesting opportunity for the industry to attract (new) potential target groups.


To get to know what your guests want, it’s important to take a look at your customer data. Read how to get to know your guests and how this will increase your revenue.


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