Create the best mini-golf deals for your guests

Customized experiences June 28, 2022
Create the best mini-golf deals for guests

Every guest that walks through your doors for a game of mini-golf is looking for a unique experience that is customized to their needs. 

How do you create the best mini-golf deals for your guests to make sure they suit all different types of visitors? There are several ways to go about this. You can focus on the different types of people that visit your venue, but you can also focus on making sure your mini-golf deals are leading in the industry.

What you choose to do is completely up to you. One thing all deals should have in common is that your guest will have a truly memorable experience at your venue.

Accommodate all types of mini-golf players 

There are different types of players who will visit your mini-golf course. This calls for different kinds of deals.

You have groups of friends, looking for a fun thing to do in their evenings or weekends. There are families, big or small, wanting to spend time together. You have people who go on dates and go through the course just the two of them. And then you also have groups of kids visiting your venue, all excited for a kids’ birthday party. 

Let’s take a look at the 4 most common types of players you’ll encounter and the deals they like.

Friends and mini-golf

Groups of friends are looking for a great time when they visit your mini-golf venue. They most likely want to be able to get some food and drinks when they’re playing, listen to some music and have a fun time together.

To make a deal that meets the needs of these groups, including the option for food and drinks in the deal. For example, give each person 2 consumptions at the bar or add a snack they can consume after playing mini-golf.

Friends will have a blast trying out different kinds of activities and competing against each other during all those different activities. Combine mini-golf with go-karting or darts and drinks to create an unforgettable day out. 

Family outings

Families are most likely looking for some quality time to bond with each other. Play into this with your deal. 

Combine a game of mini-golf with dinner or lunch. The family can enjoy some time together and focus on making memories. A multi-activity deal is also a good option to offer to families. Combine mini-golf with another activity you offer, jumping for example. Kids will enjoy all the different activities at your venue.

Lovers on a date

Lovers or people on a first date are trying to connect and get to know each other. This calls for a more intimate setting. Add a drink option to the deal, like a bottle of champagne, or a candlelight dinner afterwards.

Create a deal specifically for Valentine’s Day where you offer a multi-activity deal. Like an escape room where they have to work together to win or add a deal with an element of competitive socializing where they have to challenge each other.

Kids parties

Adults hosting a kids’ birthday party want to be taken care of and not have to worry about arranging every detail themselves. When offering kids parties, include as much as possible in the deal.

Add a drink option, like unlimited lemonade, fries with a snack and something like ice cream or chips. You can set up a special table with decorations to make it extra special for the birthday party.

Trends in the mini-golf landscape

Another way to make sure your mini-golf deals stand out is to make them unique. You can add technological elements to your course or make sure you have a well-designed course with a cohesive theme. These are 2 of our favorite trends in the mini-golf world.

Tech-infused lanes and social gaming 

Tech-infused mini-golf courses are a whole other ballpark than the ones we all grew up with. The element of technology will elevate your mini-golf game to an interactive experience that adds additional challenges. 

Everyone gets a club or ball with a little computer in it. This will be connected to screens at every lane, so you can keep track of the score. Pencils are no longer necessary. It keeps track of the number of strikes and bonus points you collect.

An example of this is tubes you can aim for that give you a guaranteed hole-in-one or little mini-games on the course itself, like putting your ball in the correct beer pong cup or stopping a prize wheel when your ball passes it.

The scoring is completely automated and the game is not just about putting your ball in the least amount of strikes anymore – the extra challenges give you extra points. The added element of technology gamifies the mini-golf experience.

Discover more trends in the leisure industry and learn more about gamification.

Well-designed courses

This trend is a little more on the nose. A well-designed course with a theme that comes back on every lane will take your visitors on a journey. Guests will be submerged in a whole other world when visiting your mini-golf course. 

A mini-golf venue in which you’ll enter a jungle world is Glow Jungle Golf in The Netherlands. Not only is this venue completely in the jungle theme, but it’s also a glow-in-the-dark experience and completely indoors. A huge advantage of indoor venues is that you can play all your round.  

They also offer multi-activity deals, like an hour of bowling and a game of glow golf, which can be done by all ages. 

At Game Over Auckland, you’ll take a trip to the Jurassic period. You’ll play mini-golf surrounded by dinosaurs. 

Here you can go karting, play laser tag and play a round of mini-golf, all in the same deal. They have this deal available for adults and juniors.

With Briq, you can make these ideal deals online bookable for every visitor. Briq will even help you put your deals together. You get access to interesting data, that helps you get to know your guests and improve your deals.

Make your mini-golf deals online bookable with Briq

By using Briq’s online booking system for mini-golf you’re bookable 24/7,  sell multiple activities in one booking and add up and cross-sells to the booking process. Your guests can craft their ideal day out and you get maximum revenue. 

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