How to handle group bookings with an online booking system

Online booking August 04, 2022
How to handle group bookings? Use a online booking system

Have you ever had a group calling you for a large booking? You get all excited, trying to accommodate all these people at once. You open your planner to try to see if you have availability on their preferred dates and times. But then, the logistical nightmare begins. 

An online booking system helps you schedule group bookings. It gives the group dates and times for the activities that are available for the number of people they want to come with. 

You no longer need to rearrange your entire agenda. With these 3 benefits of an online booking system, you never have to worry again. It helps you automate group bookings, facilitate all those groups with just one click, and schedules them with your availability in mind. 

1. Automate your group bookings with an online booking system

With an online booking system, the days of manual work are over. There’s no need to be near your phone all day in fear of missing a booking. Your guests can book all your activities online. No matter how many they are.

They can pick a date and time on which you still have availability. They select the number of people they want to come with and the best part is, you’ll be bookable 24/7. Guests can book their next day out at your venue long after you’ve closed the doors for that day.

2. Facilitate groups with one click

An online booking system schedules group bookings with one click. It shows guests the right availability. This way you’re never overbooked. This comes in handy, especially for activities that have a set limit, like go-karting, where 10 to 15 people fit in a time slot. 

Briq’s online booking system keeps the size of the group in mind when seeking availability, so groups won’t get split up and they can all enjoy the activity together. The group gets scheduled in together. Or, in the case of very large groups, right after each other. Briq’s software system makes the groups beforehand, the only thing left to do for your guests is check-in and enjoy.

Group bookings are easy to manage with Briq. You get access to a planboard where your employees can easily manage all the bookings and even add online bookings. You can see your daily schedule in one overview, so you always know how busy your venue will be that day. 

3. The smart scheduler keeps your availability in mind

Briq’s smart scheduler knows exactly how many places you’ve got left in a time slot. It uses this with every booking to make sure to fit all bookings in a way it optimizes your availability. 

It automatically does all that and boosts your off-peak hours, spreading the number of visitors. Briq’s smart scheduler makes sure to push the time slot that suits your planning best. You never have to plan another group booking manually again.

Get started with Briq’s online booking system

Do you want to get started with Briq’s online booking system? Briq helps you schedule group bookings easily and online.

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Guests make group bookings online and can even book a multi-activity deal with Briq’s software. Briq ensures a seamless experience for all your site visitors. Get started with Briq for free now and discover all benefits of an online booking system.

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