What software do you need to create the best guest experiences in the leisure industry?

Integrations February 17, 2022
Using AI efficiently helps many FECs, attraction parks and other leisure centers save time

Technology in the leisure industry is on the rise. Using AI efficiently helps many FECs, attraction parks and other leisure centers save time, improve their guest experience and increase their revenue. 

But what leisure tech do you absolutely need to stay up to date, or better yet… be innovative? 

Use the right leisure technology during your customer journey

Once you start looking into ways to improve your online and offline guest experience through AI, it’s key to know how technology can support you in every step in your customer journey. 

So let’s look into your customer journey and the integrations your leisure business needs to create a perfect technological ecosystem, also known as a software or tech stack. 

1. When your guests need to find your venue online

Your guests will find your venue through a SEO-optimized website, social media, YouTube, Google Ads (targeting and retargeting) and affiliate sales channels like Tripadvisor, Groupon or Gokartingtickets

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2. When your guests want to book your activities

Once they’ve found your website, they want to book a personalized experience through a responsive webshop. What’s key is that those bookings are immediately scheduled with a seamless booking system. And for you it’s important that your guests can already add extras to their booking to increase your average booking values.

Your guests should be able to pay contactless too, for example with Stripe or digital gift cards. And perhaps you also want to use a chat function or chatbot to take care of the customer service on your website.

3. When you communicate with your guests before arrival

Your bookings system should automatically send out a booking confirmation to engage your guests. Next up, it’s great to work with an automated email system like Mailchimp for further email marketing efforts

And don’t forget to send out reminders via text messages too. There are many different integrations available to enable you to really nurture your guests before they arrive at your location.

4. When your guests are at your venue

When your guests arrive at your venue, it’s your time to shine. Your POS system like Lightspeed enables frictionless payments. Your venue management software like Briq Bookings, Clubspeed, ERP or Innomeer helps you run your venue efficiently. 

Score systems like 501 Entertainment can make your games more immersive and competitive. And of course, don’t forget all the technology involved in Virtual and Augmented Reality! 

5. When your guest are back home 

The moment your guests leave and go home with great memories is the moment the cycle starts again. Especially if it’s easy for them to book another personalized experience at your venue, it’s very likely that your guests will come back. 

After all, 1 out of 4 guests are returning customers. You can further increase your retention through smart targeting and retargeting, email marketing and offline marketing. 

During this customer journey you gather data to exploit the benefits of leisure technology

Because your guests spend approximately 7 hours a day looking at a screen, you have the unique opportunity to know everything about their needs and wishes. Through efficient data collection tools, like Google Analytics and Briq’s Insights, the leisure industry can make data-driven decisions that lead to better results. Here’s why.

  1. Revenue becomes predictable
  2. You get clear and actionable insights into the demographics of your guests
  3. It helps you anticipate leisure trends and optimize your experience
  4. You can better target and retarget on Google and social media
  5. You’ll increase sales with personalized offers (through booking and email marketing)

Save time and improve your workflow through automation

Another key benefit of leisure tech is automation. Once you start automating your processes, this is what happens.

  • You deal with less costs and save time through automated booking and scheduling 
  • You can tackle customer service with a chat function or even a chatbot
  • You can automate crowd control and capacity management

Bookings systems like Briq’s also help you create better guest experiences by enabling personalized programs through an enhanced booking flow.

The best leisure technology for your FEC - picture from Briq Bookings

Is leisure tech really a necessity?

Even though many are already on board with tech, the leisure industry is lacking behind in comparison to more technologically mature industries like the hospitality industry. For those who still have doubts about leisure tech, it’s time to start considering digitization seriously, despite any objections you may have. 

As Kevin Williams from The Stinger Report explains in our New Year Special podcast, it’s become an absolute necessity to use tech in leisure to accelerate contactless services and payments since COVID-19. It’s the only way to efficiently tackle social distancing and capacity management.

Plus, leisure technology supports you in your journey to create better experiences, and who doesn’t want that?

Start supporting and growing your venue with leisure technology

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