Max Events chose Briq for their booking power

In the spotlight July 23, 2021
Max Events chose Briq for their booking power

A new client in the United Kingdom just launched their Briq-powered webshop. Max Events is a three-venue strong FEC, located in Oxford, Bristol and Bournemouth, which you can visit to enjoy many awesome outdoor activities.

โ€Unique corporate events, bachelor parties and family fun daysโ€

Max Events is the right place to go if youโ€™re keen on trying something new in the world of outdoor activities. From axe throwing to archery and clay pigeon shooting to a segway ride or even throwing knives!

Max Events hosts any group size, from couples to big companies. So if youโ€™re planning your bachelor party or corporate event you now know where to go. 

Individuals and large groups can now easily book their adventure

With so many cool activities it was key for Max Events to find a booking system that could bundle activities, deal with large groups, and optimize capacity at the same time.

Briq offers an all-in-1 solution for the perfect customer journey with a booking & scheduling tool with smart scheduling software.

Visit Max Events for your group outingโ€

Do you need to organize your annual corporate event or a bachelor party? Plan your group event at Max Events and find out who has a natural talent for crossbow shooting, buggy driving, or any other fun activity.

Your next event starts in Max Events webshop. Just decide if you want to go to Max Events Bristol, Max Events Oxford or Max Events Bournemouth.

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