Improve the SEO of your leisure company

Ebooks August 18, 2022

With the growth of online bookings, it’s more important than ever before that your leisure venue is visible online. Is this not the case? Or do you have no clue how to implement SEO for your business other than to list your activity + location on all of your pages? 

No worries. Briq is here to help you shine online. Get started with SEO and take that #1 spot in Google and other search engines.

Why your leisure business should implement SEO

An excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) implementation makes your website visible in every search engine. This means your website will pop-up high in the search results for keywords you rank on.

By ranking on specific keywords, related to your business you can send more and better traffic to your website. You can also pay for traffic with Search Engine Advertisement (SEA), but this can be costly, whereas SEO is completely free.

Why you should improve your SEO

  • Rank number 1 in Google 
  • Rank on keywords relevant to your business
  • Compete with and score better than other businesses like yours 
  • SEO is free, you don’t need to pay for ads
  • SEO results are sustainable in the long run, results will not just disappear when you stop, as by SEA.

Learn more about SEO versus SEA.

The ultimate guide to scoring #1 in Google 

Use our free Briq SEO ebook to get your leisure website ranking in the search engines. 

Want to learn all the ins and out’s of SEO? In our ebook, specially written to improve the SEO of leisure businesses, you’ll find everything you need to know to get started.

We’ll start with getting indexed. This means making sure Google can find your pages. After this, the improvements can begin.

You’ll find concrete tips on how to improve your SEO. We go over how to find the right keywords to rank on for your business. How meta text and titles are important to rank high. And how to improve low-ranking pages.

But that is not all. After we’ve covered the SEO basics we’ll dive deeper into page loading time, mobile-friendly, images, and linking and how this helps boost your SEO.

Briq helps you score online

Do you need help in the online department? Briq helps you grow your business online and helps you get more traffic. Our Customer Success team sets up an online strategy with you and you can follow courses in our Ecommerce academy. 
With Briq’s smart software your visitors can easily make a multi-activity booking online, which is seamless. Get started with Briq for free or get in touch with us to learn more about Briq and what’s in it for you.

Download our free SEO e-book for leisure businesses.

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