Superfun partners up with Briq Bookings

In the spotlight February 07, 2022
Superfun partners up with Briq Bookings

Mid-January 2022 Briq Bookings Customer Success Team launched Superfun’s webshop to enable seamless online booking and scheduling for this amazing multi-activity venue. Superfun is located in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, and offers a record number of activities to families, friends and colleagues. 

Lasergaming at Superfun, who joined Briq Bookings in 2022

From traditional to very surprising activities

The range of activities you can enjoy at Superfun seems endless. There’s a Game Café, bowling alley and escape room for the more traditional fun we’re all familiar with. But then there’s also a Height challenge – where you need to cross various obstacles at 6 meters high – and an ice skating rink.

You can also visit Superfun to try curling, table tennis or bubble football. Whatever type of day out you’re looking for, Superfun is the place to be. 

Bubble football at Superfun, who joined Briq Bookings in 2022

Superfun got on board with Briq for multi-activity bookings

The benefits of multi-activity bookings for Superfun are better guest experiences, guests spending more time at their venue and a higher average order value as a consequence. The more activities guests participate in, the more they spend. They’ll have a better and more unique experience too. 

“We have a lot of activities each with their specific characteristics. Activities per person like lasergame and activities for a group like bowling.

Activities can have different durations. Despite all these variables Briq was able to get us online in record time!”

Peter Kappe | CEO of Superfun 

Are you looking for a superfun day out? 

Well… then it’s kind of obvious that you should visit Superfun!

Easily book your favorite activities in Superfun’s webshop and enjoy some much needed quality time with family or friends. 

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