X-Cube experiences are the hottest new trend in leisure

In the spotlight September 08, 2021
X-Cube experiences are the hottest new trend in leisure - Briq Bookings

The X-Cube is a 16m2 box in which 2 to 6 people can play the game of their lives. It’s a type of escape room, but different and possibly better. 

The games are still thrilling puzzles to solve, but they’re more interactive – and the team will not be locked up. It’s also more competitive than an escape room. The aim is not just to escape and solve the puzzle, but also to get the highest score. 

Any leisure business with 16m2 of extra space can add an X-Cube to enhance their experiences.

Games you can play in the X-Cube

Currently guests can play 1 exciting 60-minute game at the World Intelligence Centre in the X-Cube. Later this year, X-Cube will launch a 30-minute version of the same game and 2 games specially designed for kids, among which a spy training game with famous Dutch YouTuber Ronald Vledder’s alter ego Agent 008.

At the end of 2021, also the much anticipated game Mission to Mars will become available.

X-Cube is fun for everyone at any time

X-Cube makes sure there’s something for everyone in their games, so that anyone will enjoy the experience and be able to showcase their skills. Also, it doesn’t matter what you wear! 

There’s no need for crawling, running or other crazy assignments. Even in high heels and a short skirt right before a classy dinner, you can hop into an X-Cube with your friends for a brand new experience. And X-Cubes are also accessible to wheelchairs.

X-Cube can also be used for business training

X-Corp looks beyond games and plans to enable organizations to use X-Cubes for individual and teamwork assignments, skill tests, privacy & security awareness training and management improvements. 

Soon you’ll find X-Cubes everywhere

The X-Cube is currently available in Maassluis. However, 15 more X-Cubes will be placed all over the Netherlands before the end of 2021. On top of that, they will be showcasing their experience at IAAPA Expo Europe

Gerben Leeuwen from X-Corp aims to sign at least another 20 locations this year, placing X-Cubes at Family Fun Centres, bungalow parks, hotels and even business locations. Next week, X-Cube experiences will also become available in English and German.

At Hollywood Event Center in Rotterdam there will even be 3 X-Cubes, making it possible to compete in teams, playing with one X-Cube against another one!

Briq Bookings makes it easy to book all X-Cube experiences

X-Cube experiences can easily be booked and scheduled with Briq Bookings reservation software. With an X-Cube, leisure businesses can enhance and expand their possibilities and increase their number of upsell opportunities in their booking flow. 

This way, Briq Bookings and X-Cube together help leisure businesses increase their turnover and spice up their customized guest experiences. 

Book your X-Cube experience now or get in touch with us to see what Briq and X-Cube can do for you.

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