Holiday park Mölke

Holiday park Mölke recommends Briq's multi-activity booking system

5-star holiday park Mölke offers various facilities, including a bowling alley, boat hire and a party center, and aims to make it as easy as possible to book everything online. The only option that Mölke found to be a good fit for their activities was Briq Bookings multi-activity scheduling software. And they needed it very quickly when the park reopened.


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Mölke has significantly reduced administrative tasks and saves a lot of time

‍Because of COVID-19, entrance tickets were suddenly obligatory to keep track of how many people were present.

“So we onboarded with Briq within a day. We needed their scheduling software… and the next day it was up and running and we were getting online bookings in” shares Anne Venema.

Before Mölke joined forces with Briq Bookings the bowling lanes, the escape room and children’s parties were mainly booked through phone calls. With four bowling lanes open all day, this was a big burden for the reception desk. All reservations had to be entered into the system manually.

“It’s great that this can now be done digitally. The online booking system has led to much less administration and saves time on our side. On top of that, the Briq planboard is easy to understand for all our employees. In fact, no mistakes are made.”

‍Mölke employees can now easily keep an eye on who’s coming, when and what extras they’ve booked in Mölke’s webshop.

Holiday park Mölke

Before, people had to contact us to book something as simple as an hour of bowling.

Anne Venema

Briq’s online booking system provides Mölke with a new source of income

Mölke has gradually transferred activities to Briq Bookings and is planning to soon offer their Finnish grill house and other activities via their Briq webshop too. This way guests can easily book their experiences online.

At the beginning of October, Anne also added the children’s parties to their webshop. She did this herself because of the ease of offering new activities in their webshop.

On the very first day that the children’s parties came online, Mölke received four bookings for children’s parties.

Also, because Mölke now saves a tremendous amount of time on online bookings, Anne can finally run ads on the children’s parties. Previously, this would not have been feasible.

"This is a nice source of income outside of the holiday periods. That way, when it's not busy, Mölke can give their catering another boost."

Anne Venema

Briq Bookings' integration with Booking Experts

The upcoming collaboration with Booking Experts is also welcome news for Mölke. After all, many facilities are used by park guests.

“It will be very easy when the bill for bowling can be put on the holiday park bill. Plus, when the booking systems are linked, it will be much easier to see which guests have booked what and it will also be easier to make additional sales.”

Three reasons to start with Briq Bookings’ multi-activity scheduling software

“The combination of online bookability, customer friendliness and user friendliness makes me recommend Briq Bookings to everyone.”

Anne Venema claims that there are few similar online booking systems out there that allow you to make multiple activities bookable online 24/7 so easily. But what she’s particularly charmed by is Briq’s customer service.

“Every time I have a question, I’m helped within 5 minutes and get an immediate answer. I’ve never seen this before.”


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