Intents Festival: booking activities in advance help with anticipation of the event


How a music festival stays ahead of the competition by upselling activities

The Dutch music event Intents Festival partnered with Briq during their latest summer edition to reduce queuing during the event and improve the customer experience and anticipation.

We’ve had wonderful assistance during the implementation of Briq. The customer success team really knows what they are talking about and provided us with great advice.

Jochem (Marketer at Intents Festival)

Who’s Intents Festival?

Growing a yearly event from a single tent to a weekend-filling event with multiple attractions and tens of thousands of visitors.

It all started almost 20 years ago with a single tent and a love for music. Intents Festival did something incredibly right because 20 years later, it’s currently one of the biggest festivals in Europe when it comes to the ‘harder’ styles of dance music.

After a few danceless years due to COVID restrictions, the Intents team felt the need to make sure this edition was worth the wait. With 10 stages, 400 artists, 2 amazing firework shows, and multiple attractions we can safely say that he accomplished what he set out to do.

Intents Festival is a multi-day event, with its own camping grounds for guests who want to stay the entire weekend. The camping ground is called IntentsCity and hosts an afterparty every night, has a cinema, pool parties, and much more.

The challenge?

How to keep improving the guest experience during the festival year over year.

When organizing a festival, you come across different challenges every year. This can range from having bad weather to making sure your tickets are online bookable.

Intents Festival has solved most (un)expected challenges over the years. During this edition, the Intents team tried solving some of the challenges when thinking about the festival experience itself.

“One of this year’s challenges was to deliver unique experiences for our funfair attractions like the Booster and the Ferris wheel. Also, queues for the showers of IntentsCity can be very long during the morning peak hours. If we could tackle that, we would’ve successfully improved our guests’ experience.”

The solution?

Upsell different activities and VIP experiences for necessities.

The solution was found in Briq. By creating unique deals, and allowing people to book a time slot for showering, Intents Festival allowed her guests to level up their experience during the festival. They took a page out of Disney’s playbook when it comes to reducing long lines.

“For our attractions, we had a ‘normal’ queue and a fast lane. Guests could buy fast lane tickets online via Briq. There is no other festival in the world that does this, but for us, it came naturally. When you visit an FEC, you book time slots as well right?”

This was all possible thanks to the integration between Briq and Paylogic. Via the webshop people could easily book a ticket. The e-ticket included all necessary information and a barcode. A festival staff member scanned the ticket at the activity or at the showers to allow quick access.

The result?

Unique experiences and less queuing

By upselling unique experiences for the attraction, like eating sushi on the Ferris Wheel, Intents Festival allowed guests to experience something unique. And soon enough the first happy faces started entering the fast lane.

“It was really satisfying to see how smoothly people adapt to fast lanes. People without a pre-booked experience accepted the wait, while we were allowed to offer a unique VIP experience to those willing to pay a little extra.”

Also, Intents saw an immediate reduction in queuing at the showers of IntentsCity. People had pre-booked all their morning showers days in advance and now knew exactly at what time they should queue.

“It was really awesome to see the shower queues being reduced during peak hours. This is one of those things that has a great impact on your IntentsCity experience.”

100% Pre-booked sushi experience
50% Fewer queues during event
100% Of time slots pre-booked

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