Kartfabrique: The customer in charge


50% more bookings with Briq

It’s impossible to arrange all your bookings by telephone when you have 1,600 visitors each and every Saturday alone. That is why Kartfabrique has been managing their growth since 2016 with the smart online booking system Briq.

Thanks to Briq, guests are doing more activities, which means more turnover!

Martien (Company director Kartfabrique)

The customer in charge

Kartfabrique was committed to growing with the needs of their customers. They wanted their customers to be able to be able to simply book their activities with their mobile phone from the comfort of their own couch, whether it was karting, laser games, Prison Island, or booking something to eat. It also had to be possible for customers to put together their own program. The result? People stay inside for longer and take part in more activities.

Optimal availability and occupancy

In 2016, the telephone was still the most important medium of communication at Kartfabrique. This made managing bookings incredibly disorganized. On top of this, an increasing number of people also wanted to combine various activities, which meant three open timetables and a whole lot of puzzling. Today, the booking system automatically finds the optimal availability and occupancy.

Without Briq it would be impossible to achieve the visitor numbers that we have.

Alart (Owner Kartfabrique)

Working together toward success

Developments are continuing and new wishes are being created constantly. That is why the Kartfabrique meets with Briq almost every week to discuss new developments. The implementation of Google Ads campaigns is an example of one of these great ideas. Having started just three years ago, it has secured an enormous growth in turnover and continues to ensure a large number of bookings.


Out of the 1500 daily visitors, 900 come in automatically. This is an enormous time saver for Kartfabrique.

Start with Briq now

“The combination of online bookability, customer friendliness and user friendliness makes me recommend Briq Bookings to everyone.”

Anne Venema claims that there are few similar online booking systems out there that allow you to make multiple activities bookable online 24/7 so easily. But what she’s particularly charmed by is Briq’s customer service.

“Every time I have a question, I’m helped within 5 minutes and get an immediate answer. I’ve never seen this before.”

89% Of bookings are made online
$154 Average order value
28% Of customers added an upsell

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