Unit 13: It’s a win-win situation to work with Briq Bookings

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We get all our guests to book online to save time and ensure a great experience from A to Z

Unit 13 started with Briq’s multi-activity scheduling software in September 2021 to tackle their challenges and improve their booking flow.

I feel like we’ve created a win-win situation where we pay with a small percentage of our turnover, but get a great booking process in return

Berry (Executive Managing Director at Unit 13)

Who’s Unit 13?

A one-of-a-kind airsoft and lasergaming venue

Unit 13’s story began in 2009 when Berry was looking to create a unique high-quality experience focused on action and adventure. His aim? A next-level paintball experience with airsoft and laser tag.

He started with 12 kits in the Belgian Ardennes, serving company outings or groups of friends from Friday till Sunday. But soon it got too busy and they had to scale up. That’s the moment his wife joined the company. The year after that they also started their Unit 13 shop with the goal to quickly deliver good-quality material.

In 2019 they shifted from outdoor to indoor when the Dutch government changed its legislation and they could open their location in Sittard. Even more than before, Unit 13 had to be unique to beat the competition. They achieved that by taking people on a mission, either with the Strike Force Alliance or the Rebel Oppression Group, both with their own general, own style and own objectives. On top of that, they expanded their arsenal with lasergaming and laser tag.

At Unit 13 everything serves the purpose of telling a story and taking people on a great adventure, from the atmosphere and the props to the music and quality controls on the laser guns. Everything has to come together – at the start with the briefing to the end of the mission. Not a single experience is the same.

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This makes HappyDays unique in the leisure business and very popular with anyone, from people who live closeby to those willing to travel some kilometers for their personalized experience.

The challenge?

Unit 13 needed another system to continue their growth

Already in 2009 Unit 13 was in need to sell tickets online easily and quickly. They worked with a contact form and a simple calendar. A system that they built themselves, called V-Book.

Yet, in 2020 they found that the market was developing faster than they could keep up with. Plus, the program didn’t meet the updated security standards. That’s the moment that Berry consulted a software company that advised him to completely rebuild the system at an outrageous price.

What followed next was a long journey researching all the different booking and scheduling software companies out there. Berry wanted to find a company that delivered unique booking experiences to all their guests that would do justice to their own unique gaming experience.

Briq Bookings offers many more functionalities they didn’t have before, even though it hasn’t specifically been created for Unit 13.

“It’s great that Briq is constantly developing new features to answer the question: how can we make it as easy as possible to book great experiences? I feel that we found a great partner in Briq.”

The solution?

How Briq Bookings became part of the guest experience

The transition from V-Book to Briq hardly took any time with Unit 13 having the advantage of mainly working with younger people, aged 20 to 40.

“During our explorations and after our meetings to set up the webshop, we already got the feeling that Briq’s software was very easy to use.

If you use it well, in fact, you barely have to use it.”

Now that Unit 13 works with Briq, 80 to 95% of all bookings are made online. Almost no one calls Unit 13 anymore. And now Briq also takes care of scheduling.

“We don’t have to do anything ourselves anymore which saves a lot of time. On top of that, we can now combine arrangements with Briq’s multi-activity scheduling. This way Briq has become part of the guest experience.”

Even when team members at Unit 13 book experiences for their clients themselves, they use the webshop and briq.app to prevent human errors and optimize timeslot and capacity management.

The result?

A 35% increase in turnover the moment Unit 13 started with Briq

Starting with Briq Bookings’ software and webshop, Unit 13 actually became too successful. They had to scale back to deal with all the bookings and make sure that the missions went according to plan.

“We’ve consciously chosen business rules that limit the number of bookings to guarantee a quality experience. If you have a venue with simple bowling, lasergaming or karting activities and you’d like your activities to be fully booked, Briq is absolutely brilliant.”

With Briq’s booking scheduler it’s possible to set all the rules and requirements necessary to guarantee the quality of any experience.

97% Online bookings
+11% Increase in average spend per person
4 average group size

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