Venue Management Software

Eat. Drink. Play with Briq Bookings and 501

Your guests can start their own 501 activities, simply with their Briq booking code

Seamless operations

Only using their booking code, guests can start their 501 activities – interactive darts and shuffleboards. Your employees no longer need to set it up for them.

Loading the correct games

Whichever game your guests have booked will load and start automatically. Your guests are guaranteed instant fun.

Successful guest experiences

Booking your 501 games and starting them will be as easy and fun as it should be. Your guests are guaranteed a great experience.

How does it work?

  1. Your guests book their 501 games and any other activities you may offer via your Briq webshop
  2. Once they’re ready to play 501 games they can fill in their booking code through the 501 interface
  3. The activity loads and can be started straight away
  4. Your guests can now enjoy competitive socializing through 501 Entertainment’s games

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