Website integrations

Briq Bookings and Booking Widget optimize navigation

Briq Bookings and Booking Widget get your guests from website to webshop

Increase your sales

Get more sales by placing Briq’s Bookings Widget on your website.

Manage your website as you like

There’s no need to change the way you manage your website. You can simply manage it the way you’re used to.

Become online bookable 24/7

Briq’s booking system makes your experiences online bookable and enables your guests to select multiple activities for one personalized VIP experience.

How does it work?

  1. Visitors go to your website to select their unique experience at your venue
  2. They easily navigate to your webshop by clicking on your Booking Widget to book the best day out
  3. Their booking experience from website to webshop is as easy and customer-friendly as possible

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