Payment made easy with CardConnect

Your visitors simply book and pay online with Briq Bookings integration with CardConnect

Get paid in advance

All your webshop’s activities and more can be booked and paid in advance with Briq x CardConnect to improve your cashflow and reduce no-shows.

Your visitors pay easily and quickly

CardConnect supports your visitors’ favorite standard global payment methods and adapts to their language and device.

Spend time wisely

You’ll have all the time to spend on your guest experience without having to think about payments with your Briq x CardConnect integration.

How does it work?

  1. Your visitors select and book their experience at your Briq webshop.
  2. They can pay online with their preferred standard payment option (or choose to pay on site).
  3. When paid online, their payment will be processed and sent to your venue within 7 days or monthly

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