Gift Up teams up with Briq Bookings

Your guests can now buy gift cards, gift your experience to others and easily redeem your gift cards in your Briq webshop with our Gift Up integration.

Redeem your gift cards online and offline

With Gift Up all leisure venues can create, manage and sell gift cards. Your guests can redeem them online and offline.

Optimal card issuing and management

Gift Up is very easy to use and offers a great platform to manage your gift cards.

Easy checkout experience

Your guests simply redeem their gift cards in your Briq webshop, in only a few clicks. You’re guaranteed to offer a frictionless guest experience.

How does it work?

  1. You create, manage and sell gift cards to your guests
  2. Your guest gives your experience as a gift to a friend
  3. That friend books a deal in your webshop
  4. And pays with their Gift Up gift card

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