Point of sale

Simplify your offline payments with Lightspeed

Connect Briq with your Lightspeed Restaurant Management Software – for easy billing and smooth operations

Save employee time and effort

Your bookings are directly synced into your Lightspeed POS. With all bookings and payments synchronised. ‍This means everything ends up on the same bill that your visitors pay at the end of their ultimate experience.

Make it easy for your visitors

Improve your guests’ experience. All day they can focus on fun. At the end there’s only 1 payment with 1 receipt.

Less admin and manual mistakes

Save your admin and accounting valuable time. With all revenue streams in one system. Easy. Fast. Reliable.

How does it work?

  1. When your visitors book online, Briq sends these bookings directly to Lightspeed POS  K & L-Serie
    (Integration with Lightspeed’s O-serie is not yet available)
  2. While your visitors are at your venue, all their spendings are allocated to one single bill – including activities, food and beverages and merchandise
  3. After a full day of fun, your visitors only have to complete one payment and get one complete receipt!
  4. And also your employees only have to bill once per booking
  5. At the end of the week, your financial team only has to look at one system to check all revenue streams

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