Get your waivers signed with Smartwaiver and Briq Bookings

Signing electronic waivers has never been easier with Briq Bookings’ integration with Smartwaiver

Easily get your waivers signed

It will only take you minutes to get your guests to sign your waivers after they’ve booked your experience with Briq Bookings.

Signing before arrival

Your guests receive their electronic waiver before they arrive at your venue. Now they can completely focus on their fun day out.

Secure and optimal guest experience

When your visitors have gone home, you can send a text asking for feedback about your venue to continue to improve your experiences.

How does it work?

  1. Your guest books your activities online
  2. They automatically receive your waiver that they can share with their friends and sign electronically
  3. You’ll get notified and receive their waivers once they’ve signed them

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