Use Briq Bookings' SMS integration for automatic texts

Send important information to your visitors with Briq Bookings’ SMS integration

Flawless texts

Easily and automatically send important information to your guests via SMS.

Confirmations and reminders

Confirm multi-activity bookings with a simple SMS and remind your visitors of their planned experience at your venue too

Get better with feedback

When your visitors have gone home, you can send a text asking for feedback about your venue to continue to improve your experiences.

How does it work?

  1. At Briq’s webshop your guest books a multi-activity online on a desktop, tablet or also easily on a mobile phone
  2. An email and an SMS are sent to your guest to confirm the booking
  3. Before their day out your guest gets a reminder via SMS to get excited and not to accidentally forget about their planned day of fun at your venue
  4. When your guest is already home again, they receive an automatic SMS to ask for feedback about your experience

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