Automate booking work flows with Briq and Zapier

Zapier and Briq Bookings’ integration enable almost all automations and integrations you can think of

Automate your work flow

Say no to manual tasks with Briq Bookings and Zapier.

Countless possibilities

You can now automate and integrate almost all web applications you are already using.

Smooth operations

By integrating all the apps you’re already familiar with, your online booking and scheduling flow with Briq will be as smooth as possible.

How does it work?

  1. Your visitor books an awesome experience at your venue online in your webshop
  2. You get notified of your new online booking the way you want to, with Slack, in your calendar, via SMS… whatever you prefer
  3. Perhaps you’ve even connected other apps to send out flawless email confirmations or texts to your visitors
  4. This all happens automatically and you have to do nothing until you welcome your visitor at your venue

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