5 easy ways to increase your FEC’s revenue

Online booking april 16, 2021
5 ways to increase revenue

If you run a FEC you’re constantly looking for ways to increase your revenue. When using an online booking system, like Briq’s, you make it easy for your guests to book whenever they want and your business can work more efficiently.

This results in higher revenue, more online success and higher customer satisfaction.

Discover how you increase your leisure center’s revenue

1. Online bookable 24/7

With an online booking system, you enable your guests to book whenever they want, wherever they are and from any device. It means that even if your venue is closed, your guests can easily book their activities online.‍

24/7 bookability leads to more satisfied guests and more bookings and saves you a lot of time, because all bookings are automatically scheduled.

2. Have an attractive website and webshop

The moment your guests arrive at your website, their experience at your leisure venue starts. That’s why your website should be as awesome as your venue to make your guests book.


Make sure it loads fast, the most important information is easily accessible, your visuals reflect the offline experience and you show call to actions to your webshop.

As soon as your guests are in your webshop, you want them to make a booking. Show your most popular deals first, make sure it’s mobile-friendly, share clear information about your activity packages and show filters.


Check these 8 tips to create an excellent webshop to get more bookings.

3. Create multi-activity packages

Briq’s multi-activity scheduling software makes it possible for leisure centers to easily create multi-activity deals and have the bookings automatically scheduled. This enables you to offer mass customized packages and makes the guest experience more personal.


This scheduler uses an algorithm to calculate the optimal program for multiple activities, including break time in between the activities, for your guests. It makes the booking flow as simple as possible and solves challenges with technology, so your employees don’t have to spend time on this anymore.


This means you could, for example, add a single activity for ice skating to your webshop, but you can also make a combination of ice skating and other activities – like Paradice Botany did.

4. Increase your average order value with the right upsells and cross-sells

To complete the experience of your guests and to make it even more personalized, add the right upsells and cross-sells to your booking process. Upsells and cross-sells could be an upgrade of an activity, other activities, food and beverages and maybe even merchandise.

Extra options you sell in the booking process increase your average order value. You wouldn’t have sold them if you didn’t add them. So knowing your guests’ needs help you decide which extra options you should add.

For instance, show an extra hour of bowling and soft drinks for kids parties, and beers and coins for arcade games for company outings.

5. Save time and money with smooth operations

Online booking software helps you save time and money. It makes it easier to keep track of your bookings and you no longer have to manually add all your bookings to your calendar, because this is done automatically.


With the integrations of the tools you use you have all the information you need for running your business in one central place. This makes it possible to automate the whole booking process, including sending automated confirmation emails, and smoothen your workflows.

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