6 ways to reduce no-shows at your family entertainment center

Online booking mei 27, 2024
6 ways to reduce no-shows for family entertainment centers

No-shows are frustrating for every family entertainment center. They can seriously throw off the flow of your leisure business. Fortunately for you, we have found 6 effective ways to reduce your no-shows. It’s easy.

The key is to make the booking feel personal. In essence, it comes down to:

  1. Sending out booking confirmations
  2. Stimulating upfront payments
  3. Creating a personal booking experience
  4. Using email or text reminders
  5. Using a personal approach for large groups
  6. Asking for a reservation deposit

With an average of only 0,7% of no-shows, we have achieved a significantly low no-show rate for our clients. Curious about how we realized this? Learn more about Briq’s online booking system.

1. Send a booking confirmation

Sending a booking confirmation is an easy step to build customer loyalty and reduce the risk of no-shows. Guests will be less likely to forget their planned activity or change their plans. 

If your customers book by phone, feel free to send them a confirmation by text. This approach feels even more personal and will therefore be even more effective.

Briq gathers guests’ contact information with our smart client database management system. This enables fully automated email confirmations and automated texting tools. You will be able to easily send effective confirmation messages.

2. Stimulate guests to pay upfront

Stimulate guests to book upfront to reduce no-shows at family entertainment centers - Briq Bookings

Guests will be more likely to show up when they’ve made a financial commitment. You can customize the amount that has to be paid beforehand. For example, they can pay 50% upfront and 50% after their visit. 

Paying upfront doesn’t only reduce no-shows. It also makes customers spend more at your venue. A payment made weeks ago is not as fresh in the memory anymore. Guests will then be more inclined to order extras, such as food, drinks or other activities.

Now, how do you enable your clients to pay upfront? By making it as easy as possible. Ensure your webshop supports various payment methods. 

Briq allows your guests to pay via key integrations like Stripe and CardConnect – paying with locally used payment methods like Credit Card, iDeal, Sofort, Bancontact, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

3. Ensure a personalized booking experience

Customers won’t forget a positive booking experience on a great FEC website. After a flawless booking, their planned activity stays on top of their minds. A personal experience will cut down on the risk of no-shows.

You can make a booking personal by allowing your guests to select their activity, time slot and interesting upsells. Also, make sure to send the customer a confirmation email of their custom booking. The right booking system will offer these options. 

Briq offers your customers a seamless online booking experience. In a few clicks they can put together their custom multi-activity day out. Briq’s booking system allows you to integrate with other tools to send out automated emails. 

4. Use automated email or text reminders

Use automated text reminders to reduce no-shows at family entertainment centers - Briq Bookings

Reminder calls are an easy way most businesses bring down no-shows. But do you know what’s more effective? Sending out automated email or text reminders, for example with SMS or MessageBird. 

Reminders set expectations for guests and make them feel cared for. Did you know that 36% of customers are more likely to show up if they receive a reminder? 

You can send a reminder a few days before their booking, for example with the directions for your venue. Or send out a ‘’looking forward to seeing you’’- message the day of the booking, preferably around 6 hours in advance. This will help your guests plan their day around their booking.

You can use both email and texts to remind your guests of their booking. Keep in mind that emails might get stuck in someone’s mailbox or spam and could therefore go unnoticed. Texts, on the other hand, will definitely catch your clients’ attention. 

Briq automatically gathers your guests’ contact information in a secure database. This makes it easy for you to access their information and send out effective reminders. But wait, it doesn’t end here! Briq allows you to use fully automated email and texting tools like MailChimp and MessageBird to send out reminders to the right customers at the right time.

Learn more about sending emails to your guests.

5. Take a personal approach with bigger groups

Large groups are the most costly no-shows at a family entertainment center. We therefore advise to automate smaller booking, so you’re able to provide bigger groups with personal attention and optimal service. This strategy will significantly lower the no-show rate for bigger groups.

Did you receive a large booking? Then make sure to call them to ask for specific wishes or needs. Provide them with the best possible experience from the moment they make their booking. 

Briq Bookings allows you to set a certain number of people from which a booking will create a notification. That way, you can take care of bigger bookings personally to ensure an optimal experience. 

6. Ask for a reservation deposit

Another way to decrease the chance of no-shows is by requiring a reservation deposit for each booking. The amount is a prepayment against the total bill, but isn’t refundable if the guest decides not to show up. 

Most customers won’t risk losing their deposit. Therefore, it is an effective way to make customers honour their booking.

With Briq, you can decide if and how much customers need to pay upfront. Customers can pay online, at your venue or partly online and partly at your venue. You can add a required deposit, which can be a percentage of the due amount or a fixed amount.

Choose an all-in-one solution to reduce no-shows

Now that you know how to reduce no-shows at your family entertainment center, what you need is a booking system that manages this for you.

Briq’s online booking and scheduling software offers your customers a personalized and frictionless booking experience for your family entertainment center.

Booking, scheduling and e-commerce no longer take up time with Briq as your partner. 

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