7 Christmas marketing ideas for your leisure business

Online growth december 08, 2021
Christmas marketing ideas for your leisure business

To boost your sales during the holiday season, Christmas marketing for your leisure center is the solution. Update your website with snowflakes and mistletoes on your winter deals, send a Christmas newsletter and use social media to invite your guests to make memories at your venue.  

Why is Christmas marketing important?

Christmas is a moment of joy, making memories with your loved ones. That’s why people are willing to spend more money in this period, which means it’s the perfect time for you to promote your venue and increase the number of bookings. 

But to achieve that, you need to let your guests know that you’re open around Christmas and inform them about your deals.

Also make sure your guests feel safe at indoor venues.

Easy Christmas marketing ideas for your leisure business

1. Create special Christmas deals 

Offer and promote special Christmas deals to grab your guests’ attention.

For example, combine multiple activities for a special price. It all starts with a visual, so create a banner where you add an image of Santa Claus, a Christmas tree or decorations. To complete your guests’ experience, you could offer a Christmas dinner as a cross-sell.

For royalty free images, use websites like Unsplash, Pexels, Canva or Colorcinch. Canva and Colorcinch are both also editing tools to create cool visuals.

Check our content calendar for inspiration for other dates and create special packages and content for your website, webshop, emails and social media in time.

2. Decorate and update your website and webshop

If you want people to celebrate the holidays at your venue, your website should be in the Christmas spirit too. Adjust colors to more green and red, get snowflakes falling down on the screen, or simply add a mistletoe banner. 

Do you have any Christmas or winter deals? Decorate them with a Christmas bow and place them on your homepage and at the top of your webshop to stand out. To make it easier for your visitors to find Christmas deals, show them as a special promotion using Briq’s easy filters.

Also, if you have any adjusted opening hours, update them on your website. 

3. Send a Christmas email to your guests 

Email is the perfect channel to reach many of your guests and to wish them happy holidays. Let them know you would love to welcome them over the Christmas season.

In your email you can mention adjusted opening hours, share a discount coupon or promote a special deal. Don’t forget to add a call to action to book your Christmas deals.

4. Run a social media contest 

Contests are a great way to engage your guests and promote your venue. Come up with something awesome and arrange a fun prize for the winner. 

Promote the concept on social media and inform your guests about it when they arrive at your venue. 

You could, for example, do a photo contest of bowling in Christmas sweaters. Ask to share it on social media with a hashtag that’s related to your venue. The one with the ugliest sweater and the funniest pose will win a prize.

Christmas marketing ideas for your leisure business, create a Christmas contest - picture from Briq Bookings

5. Post visuals on social media

Using social media increases your visibility through people sharing your posts with their friends. Inspire them to spend time at your venue to increase the number of bookings.

Post pictures of your Christmas decorated venue or create visuals with Canva, a free tool that has plenty of Christmas templates you can use for your social media. Simply adjust it to your brand, add some text or a picture and you’re done.

If you aren’t familiar with social media yet, do some research on what other businesses did in the past for inspiration, like R1 Indoor Karting on Instagram or Adventure Sports on Facebook.

Post visuals on social media - Briq Bookings

6. Hand out personalized Christmas postcards 

Handing out postcards is a personal way of saying thank you and wishing happy holidays. 

It shows you care about your visitors and increases your guests’ loyalty. Brand the postcard with your venue’s name or logo and write a small note on it.

Christmas marketing ideas for your leisure business, hand out personalized postcards - picture from Briq Bookings
Christmas marketing ideas for your leisure business, hand out personalized postcards - picture from Briq Bookings

7. Last but not least, decorate your venue 

We may be stating the obvious, but a venue where you see a wonderful Christmas tree and smell those gingerbread cookies is the place to be

Make your venue Christmas-y:

  • Get a Christmas tree
  • Decorate your windows with spray snow figures
  • Add twinkly Christmas lights and ornaments
  • Serve Christmas cookies with the coffee
  • Have a Santa Claus who welcomes your guests at the entrance (could be a fake one, of course)
  • Create a snow mountain with polar bears 
  • Set up a miniature Christmas village or après-ski bar
  • Add a Christmas photo booth so your guests can capture this moment
  • Make a Christmas playlist

Let the party begin!

Gingerbread cookings for Christmas

Reflect, learn and improve your leisure business’ Christmas marketing for next year

When Christmas is over, take a look at your data reports. Did you get more bookings during the Christmas season? Which activities were booked the most?

These insights help you decide what you can do next year. Maybe you need to spend more time promoting your venue on social media or create different online advertising banners for your deals. Writing down your best practices immediately helps you improve next year’s Christmas marketing.

Learn more about online advertising for leisure centers.

Get (Christmas) marketing insights with Briq

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