Improve your leisure center webshop to get more bookings

Online booking mei 17, 2024
Improve your leisure center’s webshop to get more bookings

Are you not getting as many online bookings as you’d like? Most likely either your leisure center website isn’t the best representation for your venue or you haven’t yet optimized your webshop. 

If your webshop isn’t up to date and tailored to meet your visitors’ needs, you need to get to work. Make your webshop your key sales point, kicking ass at driving conversions, selling popular deals and getting visitors to come to your venue at those dreadful off-peak moments. 

To help you improve your leisure center webshop we’d like to share 8 key tips to create an excellent webshop. The most important pointers? 

  • Show your most popular deals first
  • Make sure your webshop is mobile-friendly and has a filter option
  • Use great quality visuals that evoke the emotions you want your visitors to feel
  • Be consistent with your website – always use the same pictures for the same deal
  • Share clear information about your deals: who’s it for, what it’s about, how much it costs and why to book (USPs)
  • Provide different options with activities for every budget and segment in your target group
  • Make checkouts easy with online payment methods and extras (upsells) that don’t block bookings

If you’d like us to create an awesome webshop for you for free, check out how we can help you achieve online success with our booking and scheduling software

Most of your guests are looking for and willing to simply select your most popular deals. It could be that they’ve already heard about them in reviews. Or they might just feel most secure that they’re booking the best day out when booking your most popular deals.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to keep on selling your most popular deals or push new popular deals

Plus, with a Briq Bookings leisure center webshop, your guests can still customize their day out anyway. They can simply add other activities or extras to the experience too!

2. Your leisure center webshop should work on all devices, specially mobile

This sounds obvious, but is often overlooked once a webshop looks good on your laptop. 

Did you know that most leisure centres currently do not even offer online booking and if they do… their webshops are often far from responsive to other devices than desktops? 

Always consider how you want your webshop to look on a mobile phone, because that’s where your customers will be booking your activities the most!

Have a mobile-friendly webshop for your leisure center - Briq Bookings

Briq’s webshops always look good on any device. Check it out in our demo.

3. Use smart filter options for your guests to find the right deals

Improve the webshop of your leisure center by using filters - Briq Bookings

When your guests choose a filter, the idea is that they’ll only see deals that are relevant to them, which makes it much easier to select the right activities! 

It’s best to work with 3 different types of filters: 

  1. Occasion filters to look for specific deals for birthdays, stag/hen parties, kids’ parties, anniversaries, family days out, team building events
  2. Segment filters to find deals for kids, families, adolescents, students, business professionals and elderly people
  3. Price filters to allow people on a lower budget to find the right deal for them at your venue too – here you can also push popular discount deals and cheaper deals during those off-peak moments

Every Briq leisure center webshop automatically offers these filters to help your guests find their favorite experience.

What about pre-filtering? 

Obviously, when someone says filtering, the first thing that comes to mind next is pre-filtering. Or not, of course. 

Pre-filtering is actually rather simple.

You already offer specific deals on your website, targeted at specific occasions, segments or budgets. Most likely, under every deal you’ve added a Book Now button which leads to your website

In this case, you can either lead your customers to your general webshop, or use the information you get by the deal they click on to already pre-filter the selection of deals they get to see! 

So in case your customer has clicked on a Book Now button when checking out Kids’ parties deals, you’ll direct them to a pre-filtered webshop by changing the URL you direct them to from to 

Learn more about how to improve your conversion rate with (pre-)filtering.

4. Use high-quality, striking and consistent visuals per deal

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have high-quality images and photos to show off your activities, both on your website and in your webshop. 

When selecting these visuals, consider first of all who your target audience is and make sure you show them in these pictures. 

When you’re selling a kids’ party, show kids at your activity having fun. Instead, when you’re selling business experiences, show professionals in suits laughing and actively participating in whatever you’ve organized for them. 

Next up, you want to show the emotions you want to evoke, like excitement, curiosity, adrenaline and fun. 

Last, always use the same visuals for the same deal. You want to make sure those deals your guests found on your website are easily recognizable in your webshop too. This means these deals should have a consistent name and image, everywhere you show them. 

And of course, don’t forget to clearly show the activity or service you’re offering!

Improve the webshop of your leisure center by using striking and consistent visuals - Briq Bookings

Adventure Sports is a great example of a leisure centre that uses high-quality visuals to make their deals more appealing. The activities they’re selling are instantly clear, just by looking at the photos and it’s clear they’re offering thrilling and exciting activities. 

5. Share important information per deal in your FEC webshop

You want to tell your guests who your activity is for, what it is, how much it costs and why they should book it at your leisure venue. 

In a Briq webshop, you can already show the most important information in the deals overview, like Adventure Sports has done for Axe Throwing. Key here is also that they’ve used the clearest name possible.

Our own research has shown that calling activities by their name and not giving them any other weird names leads to the most conversions.

Improve the webshop of your leisure center by setting the right expectations for the activities - Briq Bookings

Below you see a good example of a fun day out as shown in our demo. It’s clear what your guests will do, the text is motivating and fun and they also get a sample program to know exactly what they can expect.

Improve your webshop by setting the right expectations for the activities - Briq Bookings

6. Offer activities for all budgets and segments in your target group for your family entertainment centre

Make sure there are enough activities to choose from for all kinds of budgets and segments, so that there’s something for everyone. 

Some guests, for example many students, can’t afford that combi-deal with karting, bowling, unlimited drinks and dinner, but may be interested to drop by for one or two heats of go-karting or a fun game of bowling. 

Improve the webshop of your leisure center and get more bookings with these 8 tips
1 game of bowling is fun and affordable!

Also think about creating special student deals for them to make it even more appealing to come to your family entertainment center. 

Similarly, if you’re offering kids’ activities, make sure you make your deals attractive to their parents. After all, they’re the ones who’ll take those kids to your venue. 

7. Add the right extras and upsells that don’t block the booking

A staggering 49% of your customers will add upsells to their initial chosen activity. This is a huge opportunity to increase your average order value. But you do have to offer the right extras.

When suggesting extras to choose on top of a chosen activity or deal, take into account your target audience, their budget and preferences based on the activity or deals they’ve selected.

So just think about what your guests are most interested in…

Food and beverages

This means you’d best push extra soft drinks and fries for kids’ parties, unlimited drinks for stag parties and finger food platters for business outings.

And perhaps you’ve got a few cheap meal deals specifically for students or easy low-key lunches for a family day out. 

Improve the webshop of your venue by adding the right upsells that don't block the booking - Briq Bookings

Extra activities

The key when adding extra activities is that they shouldn’t block your booking. These extra activities should be easy to add, without having to be planned in – without being dependent on your capacities

Thus, great extra activities are arcade games, access to a virtual reality room that’s never fully booked, another heat of karting if you always have some extra availability, a game of darts or perhaps extra bullets for your paintball gun. 

If you sign up with Briq for free for an all-in-one webshop, online booking and scheduling solution, we help you select the right extras per deal. 

8. Make checkouts as easy as possible for your leisure center webshop

Completing the booking and paying in advance should take as few clicks as possible. You can make this happen by using a smart booking and scheduling system that will allow your guests to simply book online based on your availability without having to contact you.

Next up, they should be able to pay online with all the most popular payment methods out there. Briq Bookings enables you to integrate with Stripe or CardConnect to offer all your guests’ favorite payment methods. 

Another benefit of guests already paying online is that they’re guaranteed to show up, reducing the number of no-shows, and they’re more likely to spend more at your venue too!

Once your guests have paid, with Briq’s booking scheduler you can send them an automated booking confirmation and reminders too, for example with Mailchimp

Let us know if you need any help with your leisure center webshop

Are you a leisure centre in need of some help to set up the best possible leisure center webshop that leads to more bookings and a higher average order value? 

Get in touch with Briq Bookings to work towards more online success. We’re looking forward to helping you out.

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