Paying contactless is effortless

Leisure industry mei 29, 2024
Paying contactless

​It is visible that mobile wallets are slowly taking over conventional payment methods like credit cards but which e-wallets are the best? For merchants, they only need contactless POS terminals, but for consumers, they have a preferred option of their choice; that’s why you should consider adding Google Pay and Apple Pay to your webshop.  

Apple Pay, Google Pay and Sofort are easy and work with the electronic devices used every day, especially mobile. You can make contactless and secure purchases in your webshop in no time. Online payments are definitely safer and simpler to use, and happen to be the preferred ones by customers. 

These are fully compatible with Stripe, which optimises your webshop check-out experience. Since you can have digital wallets in Stripe, your customers will love to have the possibility to pay through the most popular local payment methods.

How do digital payments work?

Simple. Your smartphone communicates with a payment terminal without the need for physical contact. Encrypted data is securely exchanged between the devices.

When a consumer is ready to pay, they simply authorise their payment. The payment is then taken from the card of their choice.

How does accepting mobile payments benefit merchants?

Merchants who accept digital wallet payments can expect multiple benefits. Here are some examples:

Increased sales

By offering your customers their preferred method of payment, you can increase conversion rates. Plus, early adopters of digital wallets spend twice as much as those paying with other methods.

New customers

Consumers will come to expect mobile payments as an option. Demonstrating that you’re moving along with technology and keeping up with trends could convince them to choose your venue over another.

Reduced costs

With e-receipts, you can minimize or even remove the costs associated with paper receipts.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Wallets for customers?

Beyond security, there are 3 clear consumer benefits to using mobile wallets:


With mobile payments, guests won’t need to carry a physical wallet. Everything they need is in their phone. It’s one less thing to worry about.


To pay, consumers only need to present their smartphone Transactions will be handled in seconds, since there is no cash-counting or waiting for a PIN entry. 


We make sure that your information remains secure, and processed correctly. 

Briq enables you to offer your guests the easiest way to pay online

When you’re making purchases on the web on your device, you can use Apple Pay or Google Pay without having to create an account or fill out forms. 

With Briq, paying and receiving payments is quicker, easier, and more secure than ever before.

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