Finding future-proof software for bookings – 5 key features

Leisure industry mei 28, 2024
the future of booking

If you’re using – or thinking of using – software for online bookings, you want your webshop to stay up-to-date with the latest booking and leisure industry trends

Here are 5 key features of modern bookings to exceed your guests’ expectations and stay ahead of the competition.

1. Ensure a frictionless booking flow

With more and more leisure centers using software for their online bookings, it’s essential for your webshop and booking flow to stand out. A frictionless booking flow ensures an optimal booking experience for your guests and saves you and your guests time. 

Each step your guests take on your webshop should be seamless and make their booking experience simple, quick and enjoyable. Make sure your guests see all your deals and enable filters so they can find the ones relevant for them. 

For example, add filters for group size, age and for each activity. Display all available time slots for them to choose from. Let your guests pay online and send them a booking confirmation per email afterwards. 


A frictionless booking flow is exactly why King Golf chose Briq:

“Our previous system was slow and very tough to manage when we got busy. We are now getting a lot more bookings from customers enjoying the swift and simple checkout with Briq.” 

2. Enable personalization and self-scheduling

A unique and personalized guest experience sets you apart from your competition. And this guests’ experience actually already starts online, when your guests book their day out. 

Take your time to get to know your customers and what they like. This will allow you to add custom offers, upsells and cross-sells for all your guests. 

With the right booking software your guests schedule their personalized day out themselves. For example, Briq’s software for bookings allows your guests to pick their favorite packages and the time slots that suit them best from all available booking hours at your venue. 

It’s the easiest and fastest way of managing bookings for your guests and for your staff. 

Holiday park Mölke is happy all their reservations can be done digitally with Briq:

“The online booking system has led to much less administration and saves time on our side. On top of that, the Briq planboard is easy to understand for all our employees. In fact, no mistakes are made.”

Discover how Briq’s scheduler creates the ideal program for you and your guests and use these tips to maximize your capacity planning.

3. Be bookable on mobile devices

Mobile phones and tablets have become your guests’ primary devices to book your venue. You therefore want to make sure your website and webshop are mobile friendly. If your webshop doesn’t perform well on mobile, your guests are more likely to abandon it and book their experience elsewhere.

Ensure a fully responsive booking journey on all devices, especially mobile phones. On top of that, your webshop should be bookable 24/7.

4. Automate capacity management and crowd control

Capacity management plays a major role in a great guest experience, as it helps avoid long waiting lines. It also allows your venue to be booked in the most efficient way to increase your revenue. 

COVID-19 restrictions made capacity management even more important, considering the strict rules for the maximum number of guests per venue. Automated capacity management is key for crowd control to ensure your guests’ safety.

Briq’s online booking scheduler calculates the ideal time slot for both venue and your guests, based on the activity, time, capacity and other configurations you set up. 

5. Expand your online presence to guarantee growth

For guests to find and book your venue online, you need to be findable. When guests look for a venue in your area, your website should be in the top results in the search engine. Investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA) will get you more traffic to your website.

Take some time to look into ways to optimize your website. For example, make sure you have great meta titles and descriptions and focus on important SEO keywords for your venue.

As for Google Ads, target the right audience for your venue to save money and increase your conversion rate, from website visitor to venue visitor. Briq has integrated with Google Ads so that you can easily improve your ad campaigns with our valuable data insights. 

Be ahead of the game with Briq’s software for booking

Briq supports you in your online booking journey. Your webshop stays up-to-date with the latest and future booking trends. 

With Briq, you give your guests a seamless booking flow while increasing your revenue with upsells and multi-activity bookings. We have all the integrations you need for booking, scheduling and growth. 

Learn more about which popular leisure activities are most profitable and why focusing on returning customers is valuable for leisure companies.

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