The insights your FEC needs to get more bookings

Online growth mei 28, 2024
Insights your FEC needs to get more bookings

Before you can make data-driven decisions to get more bookings, you need to have access to the right data. So what data do you need to gather to improve the revenue?

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You need insights into your FEC’s sales data

First of all, for any selected period – like a week, a month, a quarter or a year – you need to have an insight into your leisure business’

  • number of bookings
  • total value of these bookings
  • number of visitors
  • average order value
  • average spend per person
  • average group size

“The biggest gain for me personally? Yeah, it’s predictability.”

Pieter Martens – Director of R1 Indoor Karting

Secondly, you’ll want to understand which activities and services are sold the most, which deals are most popular, which extras (upsells and cross-sells) are sold the most and at what times your venue is busiest.

Get insights in which activities and services are sold most at your FEC - Briq Bookings
Briq Bookings Sales Insights overview

You need insights in your leisure marketing data

Thirdly, you need to gain an overview of the results of your online marketing efforts, i.e. online presence by learning about your venues’

  • number of online bookings
  • number of webshop visitors
  • number of conversions
  • percentage of people who select upsells

Lastly, you have to retrieve data that informs you about your webshop’s conversion rate, your most sold online deals, most sold upsells, number of pageviews versus the number of online bookings, when your visitors book and which visiting times are most popular with your online audience.

Gather data dat provides insights into you FEC website - Briq Bookings
Briq Bookings Marketing Insights overview

Note: Our Google Analytics integration immediately pushes your data to our Marketing Insights dashboard.

With Briq Bookings your FEC gets three useful data overviews with Daily insights, Sales insights, and Marketing insights to get instant access to all the data that is essential to make the right decisions.

Know what your guests like

Briq also gives deeper insights into the visitors of your FEC, returning customers, and resources, deals and products.

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