Why combining your bowling experiences with other activities is smart

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Traditional bowling, disco bowling and hyper bowling are fun, but how do you make your bowling deals even more exciting?

By combining these awesome deals with another activity!

With multi-activity packages – that consist of at least two activities and could also include food and beverages – you offer your guests a complete and customized experience. They combine their favorite bowling arrangement with another activity to experience a fantastic day out and you’ll have satisfied guests and make more revenue. 

What are the benefits for your bowling center?

1. Offer your guests tailor-made experiences 

People love to decide for themselves what they are going to experience. This means that instead of one standard experience, we now have to shift towards mass customization, which means that your guests can create their own personalized experience

By offering packages with multiple activities and the right upsell and cross-sell options, you give your guests the opportunity to create the perfect day out they want. This leads to more satisfied guests and a higher retention rate

2. Increase your average order value

A great way to increase your revenue is to focus on increasing your average order value. With this we mean the average amount of money your guests spend per booking. By offering packages with multiple activities, your guests book at least two activities, which means they spend more money than when they book one activity. 

Another way to increase your average order value is to show the right upsell and cross-sell options in the booking process. You can sell an upgraded version of the same deal, like a special LED bowling experience, or sell extras, such as another hour of bowling or food and drinks.

3. Introduce your guests to different activities

Guests that visit your venue for bowling know that bowling is fun, so how do you get them to participate in your other activities as well? Combining your bowling deals with other activities is the solution. Discover your guests’ needs and bundle your activities into different packages for each target group.

We’ve already listed perfect bowling deals for each target group you can combine with another activity. For groups of friends you can, for example, bundle a game of laser tag followed by hyper bowling with draft beer and finger food into one package.

4. Boost activities and time slots that are less popular

If you have activities or time slots that are not always fully booked, you can promote that one activity. But why not combine them with another activity or time slot that is more popular? This way your guests visit you for their preferred time slot or activity and you also fill the empty spots.

Discover how to boost your bowling deals with online marketing.

5. Smoothen your daily workflows and capacity management

Bundling your activities into multi-activity packages also has some benefits for your daily workflows. You’ll have less check-ins and you’ll need fewer bookings for the same facility occupancy, because guests from one booking participate in multiple activities. 

Your guests book a day out that is completely planned with breaks in between, which means you know exactly when your guests start an activity. This makes planning your staff easier and also reduces the chance of gaps in your schedule.

Learn more about maximizing your capacity planning.

6. Save time and money

When your guests book more multi-activity packages, you actually have a win-win situation – your guests experience a complete day out and you save time and make more revenue. 

Guests spend more money at your venue, because they participate in more than one activity. This means they also spend more time at your venue, which makes them more likely to buy some food and drinks in between or after the activities. 

Do you want to save even more time? With Briq’s online booking system for bowling centers your multi-activity packages are automatically scheduled and planned. This means you no longer have to do this manually and you’ll have more time to focus on the guest experience

Examples of packages with bowling and other activities

Bowling party

In this package, Kean Park Bowl combined 1 game of bowling, 20 minutes arcade play and food and drinks.

Glow in the dark golf, laser gaming & bowling

Planet Awesome put together a game of bowling, laser gaming and mini-golf into one package.

Escape room and bowling

At Superfun they’ve created a package including a game of bowling and an escape room.

How to create packages with multiple activities

Before selling your multi-activity packages online, it’s important to know what your guests like. This helps you select the right activities for each target audience. After you’ve reviewed this data, it’s time to bundle your bowling deals with other activities.

The next step is adding the activity packages to your webshop, so your guests can easily book them online. Last, but certainly not least, is promoting your packages online. This helps you get more traffic to your website to get more bookings.

Read everything you need to know on how to create packages with multiple activities.

Are you ready to grow together with Briq?

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With the online booking system, you no longer have to plan and process bookings manually. The smart scheduler creates the best program for you and your guests, so you don’t have to worry about this.

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