7 ways to know your customers and increase your revenue

Online booking September 22, 2021
7 ways to know your customers and increase your revenue - picture from Briq Bookings

A broad understanding of your customers helps you target specific customers at the right time for your Family Entertainment Center. To achieve this, collecting customer data is crucial.

Using this data to create an effective marketing strategy is the key to your online success. After working with leisure centers all over the world, we found 7 ways to know your customers and empower your marketing. 

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1. Create intelligent content that your customers are interested in

Knowing your customers means being able to create intelligent content, which is shown in the right place at the right time. Whether it is website content, email marketing or social media content, intelligent content provides your customers with a custom experience

For example, your leisure regularly welcomes guests for children’s birthday parties. You then want to target this specific customer group and create content that reflects that particular interest. This can be done by creating a page on your website with special children’s party deals.

The same applies for team outings, bachelor parties or any other reasons for which customers visit your leisure. Find out what your customers find interesting and make sure your webshop content and offers align with that.


2. Use demographic data to understand who your customers are

Talking about demographics, you simply need to ask yourself the question who your customers are. Factors such as age, location, gender and marital status are all demographics that influence the way customers behave on your website. For example, a 50-year old man is likely to have other buying interests and needs than a 20-year old woman. Demographic data are very useful to understand how to effectively market to your customers. 

Demographic features for leisure customers

When it comes to leisure customers, there are some known demographic features. After working with Family Entertainment Centers for years, we see that most customers are between the age of 25 and 34. The majority of the customers are men (60% male compared to 40% female). Data like these help you know your customers and successfully meet their needs. 

Use demographic data to get to know your customers - Briq Bookings
Our data reveals that most FEC visitors booking venues are between 25 and 34

97% of this main target group uses their phone to search for fun outings, both men and women. Men do tend to shop more frequently online than women. To successfully target this group of customers, you will therefore need to be bookable online

Customers between the ages of 25 and 34 care about a cool booking experience and great products. Avoid flashy banner ads or intrusive pop-ups. The majority of these customers will leave your webshop if they find your marketing irrelevant or invasive. An authentic experience is important for this group. Therefore, don’t be afraid to show them some behind the scene footage of your venue.

Do you want to target older customers? Older customers search for fewer purchase options online than younger customers, but they purchase just as much. If you want to specifically target older customers, you’ll therefore not only need to be bookable online, but preferably be visible in their first searching results. 

Briq ensures that your webshop is bookable 24/7. In addition, Briq runs different campaigns to ensure your leisure is highly visible. Learn more about how we use smart growth marketing techniques to increase website traffic. â€Ť


3. Apply the right upsell techniques

Knowing your audience also means catering to your audience. In other words, offer your customers the right upsell options. By doing this you not only make your guests feel valued by offering a custom experience, but you also maximize your revenue from each booking.

Customers have different reasons for their visit. Some come together for a family outing, others visit your venue for a stag party. Each type of booking requires different upselling offers. We advise you to add a maximum of 3 to 5 upsells per deal. More upsells might cause a choice overload.

Upsell tips for different target groups

  • Guests that book a children’s party are fond of deals that include kids’ favorite snacks and drinks, such as fries, sweets and soda’s. Also, children love various activities. So if you offer other activities for kids at your venue, make sure to advertise them on the same page.
  • For a bachelor party include deals that offer unlimited drinks and appetizers. These customers will enjoy multiple group activities as well. 
  • Are your customers visiting for a business event? Event planners often look for a day out where everything is taken care of. Promote complete dinner options and drinks on this page.

Make sure your upsell includes an attractive picture, catchy headline and a description if necessary. Your customers should know exactly what the offer contains to avoid doubts. Also, your upsell offer should never block the booking. Lastly, upsells should always be available, regardless of your schedule.

Briq combines these upselling techniques to make it possible for your customers to book a multi-activity day with only one booking. All activities your leisure offers and other options such as food and drinks can be booked in one smart booking. This is how Briq ensures a seamless booking experience, while optimizing your business’ capacity.

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4. Design an all-device friendly webshop

More and more customers are primarily using their mobile phone to make purchases. We use this device for everything: social media, research and shopping. On that account, it is not surprising that mobile usage skyrockets compared to desktop usage.

Based on our data insights, we see that 78% of customers book their outing at an FEC with their mobile phone. 20% book via desktop and only 2% use their tablet. The arrival of 5G will only reinforce this. A mobile responsive webshop is therefore indispensable.

Briq offers a fully responsive booking journey on all devices. Customers can access the webshop from their desktop, mobile and tablet at any given moment. This ensures a seamless booking experience from any device and, consequently, more revenue.

Visit out demo and find out for yourself on your mobile phone

Design an all-device friendly webshop for your customers - Briq Bookings
With a Briq webshop your visitors can easily book on their mobile phones

5. Know when your customers like to shop

Do you know when your customers visit your website? A part of knowing your customer is knowing when they like to shop. 

In accordance with our data, there are two peak hours for online shopping: 1pm to 4pm with a second peak between 7pm and 9pm. As for the preferred shopping day: all days are almost equally popular. Although there is a slight preference for Tuesdays.

If you want to send out a mailing campaign, you might want to send it before one of those two peaks. For instance, send out your offer right after dinner. Your customers will then be more open to your deal and thus more likely to book your offer. This approach will ensure the highest opening rate and therefore the most revenue.


6. Target large groups differently

Are your customers visiting your venue in large or small groups? Depending on group size, booking behavior differs. We see a clear trend in our statistics: large groups book earlier.

  • Groups up to 5 people are mostly booking close to the date of activity. With a median of 0.8 days. 
  • Groups of 6 to 9 people book on average 4.8 days in advance. Friends need some time to coordinate.
  • Larger groups of 10 to 19 people have their booking set 2 weeks in advance (13 days on average).   
  • Groups with 20 to 50 people place their booking 29 days in advance. The more the merrier! But also more agenda’s to consider…
  • 50+ participant bookings are booked 60 days in advance on average.

So, do you want to send out an offer for a large group, such as a birthday party? Then you might want to reach out a couple of weeks before the actual birthday. An email with a birthday offer one day before the customer’s birthday will likely be too late, since the customer will probably already have booked something by then. 

The same applies for offers on social media for group activities, such as family outings during school holidays. The right timing will make your offer relevant and successful.


7. Invest in customer retention

Selling tickets to new customers is important. But how many of your clients are returning customers? Returning customers are a pillar for every business, because they are essential to continuous revenue growth. We calculated that the value of a returning customer is €462 per year. Plus it is simpler and more cost-efficient to retain customers than to gain new ones.

Returning customers spend more and buy more often. They tend to refer to friends and family more than new customers. Therefore, customer retention is definitely worth investing in. 

Most FEC’s receive a large majority of new customers. Only an average of 15% are returning customers. Customer retention is consequently a part of leisure businesses where there is still a lot of profit to be made. There are multiple ways to improve customer retention. 

  • Make sure your customers’ first experience of your website is smooth and memorable. First impressions are everything, also for customers. 
  • Collect feedback, for example by setting out surveys. You can learn about what makes your customers happy and what they are dissatisfied with. These insights will help you refine your strategy and meet your customers’ needs.
  • Send out offers and keep your products top of mind. Use your customers’ data to select interesting offers for your target group. Briq supplies these relevant data through in our Data Insights, through Google Analytics integrations and with our E-commerce Academy.


The benefits of knowing your customers

Online marketing is crucial for your FEC business. With almost 85% of your revenue being made online – your online booking environment is vital for your revenue. Using the right tools and applications because you know your customers will put you on top of every family’s outing list.

Know your customers, use your data to set up an effective marketing strategy and boost your profit. 

As a business owner, you won’t always have time to spend on marketing. You don’t have to. Find out what Briq can do to help you improve your marketing strategy.

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