Get more kids’ activity bookings – the software you need and more tips

Online booking May 13, 2022
kids activity booking software

Does your venue sell kids’ activities? Then you know how valuable kids’ parties and families are as customers. They come in groups and often spend extra money at your venue on drinks and food or by combining multiple activities. 

Planning kids’ activity bookings in a way that optimizes your capacity can be challenging. A kids’ activity online booking system takes care of the bookings for you. This saves you lots of time and automates your processes.

That’s why we’ve made a list of 4 handy tips for you to boost more kids’ activity bookings and save time.

1. Choose the right kids’ activity booking software

The right kids’ activity booking software enables parents to easily book all your deals in just a few clicks. A seamless booking flow is key for a great customer experience and a high conversion rate

Briq’s booking software doesn’t only enable an easy booking flow, it also schedules each kid’s activity booking in the time slots that suit you most, to optimize your capacity.

2. Optimize your webshop

While great booking software is important for an on-point booking flow, the customer journey starts online when guests visit your website and webshop.

To promote your kids’ activity deals, you can create unique landing pages for commonly used keywords. This will make your rank higher in search engines and get more traffic to your pages. Also, make sure your landing pages have great content, visuals and an activating call to action. A call to action invites visitors to click on a button that leads to your webshop to book your deal.

3. Sell kids’ activities as packages

Multi-activity bookings don’t only get you more revenue, they also make the kids’ experience a lot more fun. Kids love trying new things and engaging in multiple activities makes their day out surprising and exciting. Add different packages to your webshop, and monitor which packages sell best. You can experiment with 2 or even more different activities. Make your packages complete with upsells (more about this below).

Sell all your kids activities as package bookings with Briq’s booking software. Briq automates all your bookings, multi-activity bookings and group bookings included. On top of that, Briq’s scheduler promotes the time slots that work best for you to optimize your capacity.

4. Add upsells

Upsells are great to increase your average order value. They also complete your experiences. Food and drinks are perfect upsells for kids activities and packages. Give parents the opportunity to book their kids’ favorite snacks and drinks, such as fries, sweets or soda, as an extra with their booking. You can also offer cupcakes or cake for birthday party packages.

Make sure your upsells have attractive pictures and clear descriptions. It should be crystal clear for parents what the extra is. Avoid adding too many upsells to your booking. Too many options become overwhelming for parents, which causes them to delay or completely opt-out of the purchase. Stick to a maximum of 3 to 5 upsells per booking to avoid this.

How Briq’s kids’ activity software makes it easy for parents to book for their kids

Are you ready to bring your kids’ activity bookings to the next level? With Briq’s booking software you’ll do just that and more. Get more bookings through your custom webshop that’s available 24/7 and optimized for all devices. Briq’s scheduler schedules all bookings automatically, group bookings and multi-activity bookings included. Save time and manage your capacity effectively.

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