Why should you use gift vouchers?

Online booking september 08, 2022

Gift vouchers have been around since the beginning of time. They should be an integrated part of your business.

The days where gift vouchers used to be a hassle at the register are over. With sleek digitized cards, gift vouchers are easy to use for businesses and consumers. 

And with these sleek vouchers, your business can gain the following benefits.

Gift vouchers are a great way to introduce new guests

Guests purchase gift vouchers for others. This is an amazing way to introduce new guests to your venue. They now have a voucher they can redeem and who is saying no to a fun day out at a nearby leisure venue.

Show appreciation for your guests

Gift vouchers or discounts are a great way to show your appreciation to your guests. You can send out discount codes on birthdays or holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or valentines day. Your guests feel appreciated because of this and they now have a voucher to redeem at your venue.

Use rewards as incentives

Another reason to give away gift vouchers is as an incentive. Do you want people to fill in a survey, leave a review or subscribe to your newsletter? Not only are people more likely to fill out forms or leave that review, but you also show appreciation and boost your own revenue in the process. When they are done subscribing to your newsletter they can immediately start planning their next visit with their gift voucher.

Gift vouchers will help increase your revenue

When you give people a gift voucher, they tend to spend more money. Or any money at all. People tend to not let a voucher go to waste. They start planning an outing at your venue and spending more money because they save 20,- dollars or 15% on the total, increasing your revenue.

Easy to use

Gift vouchers are a lot easier to use than they used to be thanks to technology and digitization. The staff at the venue doesn’t have to reduce the total by hand anymore. Nowadays it’s a matter of scanning the code and the gift voucher automatically gets applied.

Choose an online booking tool in which you can redeem gift vouchers.

Gift cards can be easily made and redeemed

Anno 2022 gift cards can be fully digital. No physical piece of plastic or paper is necessary to make them. This means they can be purchased online from anywhere in the world and a trip to the leisure venue itself to only buy a gift voucher for a friend is no longer necessary.

With this digitization, cards can be easily created online. The purchaser puts in the amount they want the gift voucher to be, and they get a specific (QR) code sent to them. You can also offer a physical card to send when it is bought as a present.

Not only is it easy to create gift cards, but guests can also redeem their gift cards during their online booking process. This makes a gift voucher easy to use for the recipient of the card. The days of losing your gift cards or forgetting you even had them are over.

Create gift vouchers for different segments

When you have data, you can divide your guests into segments. Which helps you market to them in the future. 

When you know a birthday is coming up or if you know they always make a big booking during a specific time, you can send a gift voucher attached to an email, letting them know you appreciated their visit and you’ll get them thinking about celebrating at your venue again.

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