Why online payments positively influence the booking process

Online booking September 01, 2022
Online bookings influence the booking process

People who paid upfront tend to forget how much they’ve spent already, so they are more likely to spend even more at your venue. This increases your AOV, which leads to more revenue coming your way. 

The people who have paid upfront have most likely made an online booking. They’ve selected their favorite deal and paid their booking immediately when they made it. There is no need to pay upon arrival. This:

  • Saves time;
  • Reduces the chance of no-shows;
  • Easier to manage than cash payments;
  • No hassle with cash during check-in;
  • Immediate confirmation.

Let’s dive into these and other benefits of online payments and how this positively influences the booking experience of your guests.

Benefits of online payments

1. Online payments save time 

Online payments save time on both ends. Your leisure business is spending less time doing administrative work to process the booking.

Customers can enjoy their day out straight away. The only thing left to do when they arrive at the venue is check-in. No queuing at the desk or hassle with cash during the check-in. After the check-in, they just need to be brought in the right direction and the fun begins.

Not only do online payments save time at check-in, but the payment can also be made from anywhere in the world. Your guests can pay, securely online, wherever they are. There are no constraints to the payment like time or location, which a cash payment does have.

2. It reduces the change of no-shows

Because your guests already paid for their activities in advance, there is a smaller chance of no-shows. They’ve already paid, which also means that you have no loss in case of a no-show. Since they’ve paid for their activity online, you have their data. You can start sending emails to get them excited about their day out. 

Your visitors get an immediate confirmation after booking. They have an email the exact place, time, and date of their pre-booked and pre-paid activity. Which will also help reduce no-shows.

3. Online payments are easy and convenient

Paying online is easy and convenient. By offering different payment methods, all consumers can pay online with a payment method they’re comfortable with. 

You can offer different payment methods like a Credit card, debit, apple pay, or partial pay online and the rest at the venue. Make sure your consumers will have access to numerous payment alternatives. With Briq Pay guests can book with their favorite method and you get all the bookings, convenient, in one place.

4. Stay ahead of the trends

The number of online bookings and payments is rapidly increasing. According to Mckinsey, 82% of Americans are paying online in 2021, which beat 78% in 2020. The landscape is changing and FECs need to keep up to stay on top of current trends.   

Consumers got used to the ease of online bookings. When they’re shopping online they can buy what they want, at any time they desire. A reason for consumers to book online is convenience and your leisure center should offer this service.

Without the opportunity to pay online, consumers will no longer get the instant gratification that comes with paying online and to which they grew custom.

So how do you create a frictionless payment flow?

Choose the right payment service provider

All these benefits go to waste the second a consumer can’t see their favorite payment provider on your site. Offer the most popular providers in every country. This way chances are your consumers will continue with their booking.

With Briq Pay your guests can select their preferred payment method and you get all bookings and payments in one place.

Make purchasing attractive

But how do you make purchasing attractive? Make paying online as easy, convenient, and cheap as possible. Make sure the process is streamlined and offer the option to redeem gift cards and coupon codes. Making their purchase cheaper. 

With these integration tips, you ensure your website visitors make a booking.

Briq helps you with your online payments

With Briq Pay, you will never have to worry about online payments again. When your guests are finished choosing their optimal day at your leisure venue, they can easily pay with their preferred payment method. 

Their bookings will be automatically scheduled in your calendar and you receive the amount of the booking in your account. The best part, Briq Pay is fully integrated with Briq. Allowing you to manage your bookings and all transactions from one central place.

Not only will Briq help you with your online payments. Briq will also help you grow your business online. How? By driving more traffic to your site. Our Customer Success Team helps you set up your online strategy. On top of that, we boost your traffic and revenue with our affiliate booking websites. 

With Briq, your guests book deals at your venue through a multi-activity booking system, with the option to pay online. Ensuring a seamless guest experience. Get in touch with us to learn more about Briq and what’s in it for you or get started for free.

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