501 Entertainment links up with Briq Bookings to Book. Eat. Drink. Play.

Integrations September 09, 2021
501 Entertainment links up with Briq Bookings to Book

We have exciting news! Briq Bookings will integrate with 501 Entertainment, your partner in competitive socialising. 

501’s games are a great addition to any leisure center

Interactive darts, shuffle boards and cashless pool are awesome interactive games for all leisure venues that wish to delight their guests with some real competitive fun. 

With 501 Entertainment teaming up with Briq, visitors will be able to activate these fun games just using their booking code, making it much easier to start playing!

501 Entertainment soon integrates with Briq

This integration will be live very soon.

So get in touch with us now to activate your 501 Entertainment and Briq Bookings all-in-one-fun solution to enhance your guest experience.

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