7 reasons why your mini-golf business should be bookable online

Online booking May 25, 2022
Why you should sell you mini-golf deals online

Do you want to spend less time on administrative tasks and invest more time on your guests’ experience?

Then you definitely should start selling your activities online. With Briq’s online booking software for mini-golf you offer your guests all your mini-golf deals and other activities online, which means they can book them whenever they want. Being bookable online improves your visitors’ experience and helps you grow your business. 

And there’s more. Let’s dive into 7 reasons to start selling your activities online. 

1. Be open around the clock

People nowadays want to book your activities wherever they want and whenever they want. This means it should be possible for them to book your venue 24/7 on any device. 

If your mini-golf business is bookable online, you make it possible for your guests to book at any time, even outside opening hours. This way you’re not tied to a phone and can expect fewer emails or voicemails because guests couldn’t reach you.

2. Offer personalized experiences to your guest

Standardization is no longer the norm. This means that instead of one standard experience, people nowadays want to create their own personalized experience. For the leisure industry you can translate this into mass customized activity packages.

A unique guest experience becomes more and more important and it already starts online. Fortunately, a lot is possible online. With the available data you can find out what your guests’ needs are, and thus adjust your offerings to make them personal. Combine different activities into one package and select the right upsells and cross-sells, so your guests can create their own, unique day out.

Discover the benefits of combining mini-golf with other activities into one package for your FEC.

3. Easily add upsell and cross-sell options

When you don’t sell your activities online, it’s not that easy to sell additional products to your guests. Are you always trying to sell that activity upgrade or food and drinks when a guest calls you for a reservation?

In the online booking process, you easily add the extras. After your guests have chosen their activities, they’ll see the upsell and cross-sell options that are related to that package and select it in one single click. It’s that simple to increase your average order value!

4. Reduce manual work

As soon as you start selling your mini-golf packages online, you’ll have a clear overview of how many guests will visit you and when. This gives you insights into the time-slots that are still open, which gives you the opportunity to get them filled. It also helps you predict how busy it will be and how much staff you’ll need. Something that is more difficult when your business runs on walk-ins, for example.

Because bookings are scheduled automatically, you no longer have to do this manually and you reduce the chance of overbooking. The online booking system helps you optimize your workflows for daily tasks and work more efficiently.

5. Get paid faster

When using an online booking system, you can require guests to pay in advance when they make a reservation. This way you receive your money immediately and you don’t have to worry about this on the day of the activity.

With Briq Pay, you decide if and how much guests need to pay upfront. You can also add a required deposit, which can be a percentage of the total order value or a fixed amount. Paying upfront also reduces the chance of no-shows.

6. Target a larger area of potential guests

If your guests can book online, they’re guaranteed to enjoy the activities. This makes it more attractive to people from a wider area to visit you and they’re willing to travel more kilometers. You can of course already work with reservations while you’re not online, but now you can also specifically target new customers through online messaging and advertisement. 

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7. Analyze performance to improve

Once guests book their visit in your webshop, you gain interesting insights for your venue. You’ll get to know what kind of people book, learn which activities are most popular and discover when people book an activity. Use this data to generate more traffic to your website and webshop with targeting and retargeting to get more bookings. 

You can also use the available data to adjust your activity offerings. Popular activities should definitely stay, but what can you do with activities that are rarely booked? For instance, combine them with other activities and promote them more on social media and in emails

Take advantage of what your guests want, this saves you lots of time and money on work that doesn’t help your business grow.

Learn more about data-driven decision making.

Start selling your mini-golf deals online with Briq

With Briq’s online booking system for mini-golf, you sell your packages 24/7 in your own webshop, even outside opening hours. The bookings are automatically scheduled, which means you don’t have to worry about any missed calls or double bookings.  

Our Customer Success Team helps you integrate Briq with all the tools you currently use, allowing you to continue running your business as usual. Online bookings save you a lot of time – time you can use to give your guests an amazing day out. 

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Do you want to know how Briq can help your mini-golf business? Create your free account or get in touch with us, we’re here to help you.

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