Briq integrated with Google Calendar for fast and easy access to your bookings

Integrations April 05, 2022
briq + google calendar

We’re proud to announce that Briq’s booking software has officially been certified and approved by Google and that we’ve integrated with Google Calendar. You can now synchronize all your bookings in your Google Calendar and view them easily through your phone. 

How does it work?

Every booking you receive appears as an event in the calendar of your choice. Consider it a mirrored extension of your Briq planboard. You see the booking number, the deals that were booked, how many guests are coming, who the main booker is, and any remarks the guests left. You also see if the guests already paid for the booking or not. If the booking changes or gets canceled, the information will automatically be updated or removed in the Google Calendar.

What’s in it for you?

You get an overview of all your bookings on the go, through your mobile phone. You always have your availability at hand, without having to login to Briq. This saves you even more time on managing your bookings. Your employees can also view all bookings through the calendar, without needing access to Briq. Therefore, they don’t have to get used to Briq as software and can simply work in an environment they’re already familiar with.

“I’m impressed by how easy it is to add this integration to an account”
– Sander from Sportproductions about the Google Calendar integration

How do you set it up?

Integrating Briq with your Google Calendar only takes a few minutes. You can find the integration in Briq’s integration marketplace and add it to your Google Account from there. 

Login to Briq’s help center to find the complete manual

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