Sportproductions chose Briq to offer online bookings and automate their processes

In the spotlight April 04, 2022
Sportproductions chose Briq Bookings to smoothen their processes and for online bookings

Dutch outdoor leisure center Sportproductions is what you can call a diverse venue. They offer numerous (group) activities in Nijmegen, but you can also book your day of fun at your own preferred location. 

When Sportproductions joined Briq in November 2021, their goal was to smoothen their internal processes and to make it easy for their guests to make online bookings. We’re really happy we could help them with this.

Awesome activities in Nijmegen or at your own location

Whether you want to play an archery tag battle or discover the area on an e-step or e-chopper, Sportproductions has it all for you. It offers combination and single activity deals for all kinds of audiences – from company outings to kids parties and groups of friends to family reunions. 

Do you want to experience an awesome day at your own location? Then ask Sportproductions to come to you! Sportproductions organizes fantastic indoor and outdoor events at your desired location throughout The Netherlands. Some activities you can choose from are bubbleball, outdoor laser tag, team games and old-school games. 

A day of fun is guaranteed!

Outdoor laser tag at Sportproductions Nijmegen
Outdoor laser tag

Sportproductions has automated its internal processes and reduced the number of contact moments for bookings

When Sportproductions wanted to sell their activities online, they came across Briq through another entrepreneur. 

“The service and approachable way of getting started convinced me to start working with Briq.” | Sander Siemes – Owner of Sportproductions

Since the onboarding last year, Briq helps Sportproductions with automating internal processes and having less contact moments with their guests for bookings. Briq made  online inventory possible, to help them  keep a better overview. 

The personal support and the accessibility of Briq’s support is something Sportproductions is very satisfied with. “It’s nice to know there are still companies that don’t automate literally everything.“

Next to organizing awesome activities for their guests, Sportproductions is working to become even more efficient. 

“At the moment we’re working on the integration with Google Calendar, I think that for our company this is the last step to really be up and running with Briq’s online bookings system.” 

Are you ready for some outdoor fun?

Gather your friends, family or colleagues and book your fun day out in Sportproduction’s webshop. Do you want to organize activities at your desired location? Then take a look at the webshop they’ve created for activities at another location. Have fun!

E-chopper tour Sportproductions Nijmegen
Discover the area on an e-chopper

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