Coronel partners with Briq for seamless booking and scheduling

In the spotlight October 29, 2021
Coronel partners with Briq for seamless booking and scheduling - Briq Bookings

We’re thrilled to announce that Coronel has joined Briq Bookings to improve their online booking experience. This awesome facility, located in Huizen, has the largest indoor laser tag arena in the Netherlands.

Coronel is also known for its indoor go-karting, unique escape rooms and many more must-try activities

An action-packed venue with dynamic activities

One day is almost not enough to fully discover Coronel. Besides, you’ll want to come back anyway. You can play laser tag in a battered city. Hide behind a real car wreck until you can hit your opponent.

Or try go-karting with a modern touch. Coronel’s go-karts are electric and fully sustainable. The fast circuit has many turns, a tunnel, and even a flyover. 

If you’ve never tried Glow in the Dark midget golf, then this is your chance. There are 19 midget golf holes with various themes, from a jungle to planets.
Another fun activity at Coronel is climbing in the indoor climbing park. Lastly, check out the VR Arcade to play the latest virtual games.

Coronel chooses Briq for more online growth

Coronel aims to create the best online booking experience to their customers by focusing on seamless and personalized bookings. Briq takes care of booking and scheduling and enables them to sell multi-activity bookings and arrangements online, fully automated. 

Our partnership reduces Coronel’s workload and optimizes their capacity. Together, we make it as easy as possible for customers to book and schedule their day out.

By improving their webshop and providing personalized deals and upsells, we help customers choose unique experiences and generate more revenue. 

Check out Coronel for an amazing day out

Curious? Book Coronel’s activities in their Briq webshop. Race on their fast go-kart circuit and take on your friends in a game of laser tag.

Who’s up for an unforgettable day at Coronel?

Check out this sneak peak!

Here’s a video in Dutch about Coronel’s Lasergame Q-Zone to find out more about this exciting experience.

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