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Online growth December 16, 2021
Leisure email marketing tips for your business - Briq Bookings

Are your emails eye-catching enough for your guests while browsing their inboxes? Anyone can send out emails. But only good emails with a high opening rate will actually lead to more bookings. Let’s dive into 7 tips to make your emails awesome and improve your leisure email marketing.

Set a goal before writing your email

Did you know there are 16 different email types your leisure business could send to inform and inspire your guests? 

With so many different emails, it’s important to start with a goal before creating your email. Do you want to excite people to book an activity at your venue? Do you want to inform your guests about their booking? Or do you want to ask for a review?

Whenever you write an email you need to make sure it’s aimed at achieving your goals.

Don’t miss out on Briq’s 7 tips to create awesome emails

Once you’ve defined your goal, it’s time to create your email! 

1. Create a subject line that makes your guests open their email

The subject line is the first thing your email recipients see in their inbox, next to the sender’s name. To tempt your guests to open the email, you immediately have to grab their attention. 

Write an informative, short and catchy subject line and make sure it’s clear at a glance what the email is about. Emojis can help your subject line to stand out more, but only use them when they’re relevant. 

Especially on mobile devices, subject lines that are too long are cut off, so check the preview of your email before sending out. Make sure your subject line is max. 60 characters long. 

Examples of awesome subject lines

  • Strike! 1 hour of bowling & a drink for only $12.50 p.p.
  • Ready for your next Go-Karting experience? Here’s 25% off
  • Make your day out even more awesome with these options!
  • How was your experience at <add name venue>, <add name guest>?

2. Keep the layout and tone of voice in line with your website and brand

Use the same logos and colors as you have on your website to increase recognition and credibility. In your copy, speak to your guests the same way as you do at your venue and online. 

Your subscribers will recognize and remember your company, which keeps them engaged and makes them more likely to book your venue (again). 

3. Use visuals to break up the text 

Most people usually don’t want to read a lot of text. With short parts of texts and attractive images or videos, you grab and hold your guest’s attention. This increases the chance of a click through to your website.

Visualize what you want to say and think of the best way to add this to your email. 

Examples of how to use images and videos

  • Introduce a new activity with a video. Add it to your email with a link to a page with more information.
  • Show your team’s faces. Include a picture of your team and add a quote from one of your team members why your venue is such a great place to spend time.
  • Add pictures of happy guests. There’s no better advertising than a satisfied guest talking about his awesome experience. 
  • Create a visual of the deal you promote. For example, select a picture of a bowling pin and add a drink, a snack, the activity length and the price. This clarifies what’s included and what you have to pay for it – so always do so when promoting a deal.

Use images and videos to make you leisure email marketing even better - picture from Briq Bookings

4. Mention your guest’s name to make it personal

Speak to your guests by adding their names in the subject line and say “hello Jack” to start your email. Personalized emails are more likely to be opened than non-personalized emails, and lead to more engagement.

To make your copy as personal as possible, read it out loud when you’re done writing. Does it work? Then you’ve written it in a way that’s easy to understand.

Examples of personalized subject lines

  • <add name guest>, spend an awesome day out with your friends!
  • Celebrate Christmas with us, <add name guest>!
  • <add name guest>, we hope to welcome you again soon

5. Include a clear and visible call-to-action button

Where should your guests go after they’ve read your email? To send them to the right page on your website or webshop, add a call-to-action button like “Book now”. 

Write exactly what happens when you click on the button like “Book now”, “Review now” or “Check out our new activity”. Also pick a color that’s not or rarely used in the rest of the email to stand out and choose the right size. 

Your call-to-action button has to be visible at least 2 meters away from any device. Preview the email to make sure the button fits the rest of the email and is clearly visible. 

Examples of call-to-action copy

  • “Book your tickets” – link to the booking page
  • “Discover more” – link to a page with more information about the activity
  • “I’ll be there!” – link to a page for event information
  • “I want this” – link to a page for this extra upsell
  • “Leave a review” – link to the page where the guest can enter feedback about their visit

Don’t overwhelm your guests with too many call-to-action buttons, instead try to find a balance.

A good tip is to have one main call-to-action and make the other one or two less heavy and noticeable by selecting a different color or making them a bit smaller.

Include a clear and visible call-to-action button to improve your leisure email marketing - picture from Briq Bookings
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6. Make unsubscribing easy, but try to keep your guests subscribed

We understand that it’s not the goal of your email to get people to unsubscribe from your emails, but you also don’t want to keep sending emails to people who are no longer interested. 

For this reason, and because you are legally required to do so, make sure readers can unsubscribe at any time. 

Add an unsubscribe button in the footer of every email and link to an unsubscribe page where they confirm their unsubscription. Ask for feedback, you might receive some interesting information you can use for your future emails.

Convince your guests to stay subscribed

On the unsubscribe page, give your guests the option to:

  • Re-subscribe, your reader may have unsubscribed by mistake
  • Select a frequency option, maybe he only wants to receive one email a month or quarter
  • Select what he is interested in, that way he only receives relevant information 
  • Go to your social media pages, if a guest does unsubscribe, you’ve at least given it a last shot to stay in touch with him

7. Make your email mobile-friendly

Over 60% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to read the email properly, so make sure your email is readable on a mobile phone and tablet.

Most email marketing automation platforms offer the option to automatically customize the email to a smaller screen as soon as they detect someone is reading the email on a mobile device.

Tips for mobile-friendly emails

  • All links and call to actions should be clickable with one thumb
  • Text should be clearly readable at arm’s length
  • Select the right font size (Mailchimp recommends 16 pixels)
  • Keep paragraphs short
  • Check the preview of your email on mobile devices before you send it


Do a quick check to discover if your email is ready to be sent!

  • It has an appealing subject line that makes your guests open their email
  • The layout and tone of voice are in line with your brand
  • It has awesome visuals to break up the text
  • It’s addressed to the guest’s name to make it personal
  • It has a clear and visible call-to-action 
  • It has an unsubscribe link in the footer
  • It’s readable on mobile devices
  • It’s in line with the goal you set out to achieve

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