5 reasons why you should sell tickets 24/7 via online booking software

Online booking November 03, 2020
41% of Briq's customers sell tickets outside their opening hours. With an online booking system, you guests are able to book 24/7.

‍Briq’s clients sell 41% (!) of their tickets on average outside of business hours. Without an online booking system, they would miss out on a lot of bookings.

Don’t miss out on these sales! Here are 5 additional benefits:

1. Direct sales via online booking software

No one likes waiting. Neither do we and we’re pretty sure your customers don’t either. That’s where our online booking software comes in. It allows your customers to book directly from you wherever and whenever they want: on the train, during lunch at work or in the evening while chilling on the couch. Briq enables them to buy on the spot and outpacing your competitors and what they offer.

2. VIP treatment for everyone

First go-karting, then laser tag, then drinks: Briq’s multi-activity scheduling software gives every customer a VIP treatment and enables them to put together a visit as part of one single booking. The online booking software selects the most convenient time slots, so you and your coworkers don’t have to!

Customers often spend 10% more per booking if they can put it together themselves

 3. Less communication

You know the drill: call after call asking to book an escape room, some time on the go-kart track… or to “quickly change a booking.” There’s a much smarter way to process this! Our online booking software puts customers in control of their booking, automating the entire process. And if a customer wants to change something, they can easily do so online. This saves a lot of back-and-forth, which is good for both you and your customers!

4. Ready for generation Z

Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2010, is a growing market. This generation couldn’t imagine a world without the internet; they’re somewhere in-between online and offline – “inline.” 81% think the internet is just as important as eating and sleeping (source: Mare research agency). This explains why they’re eager to go online to buy all kinds of products and services, including your activities! Tap into this behavior and make their lives as easy as possible using our booking system.

For 81% of Generation Z, the internet is just as important as eating and sleeping

 5. The best customer experience starts online

Of course, our mission is to provide ultimate customer satisfaction. As the customer journey starts as soon as they get online, like visiting your website, you should give your customers the best customer experience by using Briq. After all, happy customers mean more sales. They also become excellent brand ambassadors: they keep coming back, will recommend your activities to others, and buy more.

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