Gamecity Zoetermeer joins Briq for seamless online bookings

In the spotlight August 26, 2021
Gamecity Zoetermeer and Briq Bookings - a formula for success

This summer, Gamecity Zoetermeer and Briq celebrated their three-year anniversary. At the time the family entertainment center in The Netherlands just opened and was looking for a seamless online experience to match their offline experiences. 

Unlimited activities for you to enjoy at Gamecity Zoetermeer

The number of activities you can participate in at Gamecity Zoetermeer is almost endless. The venue offers a newly improved kart track, a laser tag arena, and 24 challenging Prison Island cells. But that is not all, endless arcade games are also available. 

Easily combining multiple activities with Briq Bookings

Briq enables Gamecity Zoetermeer’s customers to seamlessly combine their activities into unique experiences. Customers can select their preferred activity or combination of activities and add upsells to enhance their day out. Briq then takes care of the scheduling and shows all available options. Check out Briq’s demo to see this for yourself

Enjoy Gamecity’s latest summer deals 

To celebrate their reopening after lockdown, Gamecity now offers special summer deals. Check them out in their webshop or read more about the cooperation between Gamecity and Briq in this case study we wrote. 

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