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Ebooks July 08, 2022
Email marketing ebook

Email is a very effective marketing channel that can help you get results quickly, without having to invest a lot of money. Everyone can send out emails. But how do you stand out in your guests’ overflowing inbox? And how do you ensure that you get more bookings as a result?

Our ebook tells you exactly how to get started with email marketing. We dive into why you should use email marketing for your leisure business, how you create a mailing list and what you should include in your emails. Also, we teach you more about testing and results-tracking to improve your emails.

The practical tips and tricks and inspiration you’ll read are easy to apply to your leisure center’s marketing strategy. 

What are the main benefits of email marketing?

  • Easy to get started
  • Stay in touch with your guests and get to know them
  • Low costs, high return
  • Measurable, it’s easy to spot how you can improve

Discover how email marketing can help your leisure business grow.

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