Grow your mailing audience with an online booking system

Online growth June 04, 2020
Grow your mailing audience with an online booking system - Briq Bookings

How do you notify your guests about upcoming events, deals, and other news besides social media? That’s right, email. Most leisure venues use mailing lists in some form or another, but growing your mailing audience can take time. Did you know your online booking system can help you out? Here’s how you can grow your mailing audience with an online booking system.

Integrate your booking system with marketing tools you already use

The first step of growing your reach through mailing lists is to integrate your booking system with the marketing tools you already use, like your favorite mailing system. Most leisure companies maintain mailing lists in one form or the other. You might introduce your visitors to new deals by newsletter or perhaps want to send review requests after someone visits your venue. Because Briq understands every venue has its favorite systems, we made it possible to integrate with almost every major newsletter system (Mailchimp, ActiveCampagne, Drip, etc.). Integrating your systems allows you to collect and connect different types of data and helps with growing your mailing audience.

Data for relevant, personalized content

When your guests book their day out at your venue, you need their information. By connecting your booking system with your mailing system, you can collect the data you need to send your customers personalized, relevant content. Create email flows based on your guests’ preferences and interaction with your emails. You could offer special deals based on the activity someone booked. Or send a review request after a visit. It’s even possible to automatically offer curtain deals a few weeks before someone’s birthday. Personalized and relevant content makes sure fewer people unsubscribe so your mailing list will grow.

Enhance your customer journey with email

Growing your mailing list is not just about the number of people on the list. You’d rather have 100 very engaged people, than 1000 people who never open your emails. Getting people to engage with your emails is about creating relevant content for your email flow. This is where your online booking system can help. You could add relevant content to confirmation emails, welcome people after making their first purchase, and send out waivers and retention emails. This all becomes possible when you focus on online and choose a booking system that enables you to grow.

Have a look at what integrations Briq has available and find out what Briq can do to help you grow your mailing audience or business in general.

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