Go-kart waiver for your venue – get the template

Leisure industry March 09, 2022
Download your safety waiver template for go-karting

Go-karting comes with risks. Which is why, as a go-kart business, you need to have your guests sign a liability form. To protect you from liability in case of an injury or damage.

What is a go-kart waiver and why do you need it?

A waiver form is a legal document that contains an agreement between you and your guests. It informs your guests of the risks involved in go-karting at your venue and protects you from liability. 

Besides protecting you from liability, guests also acknowledge to adhere to the rules of your venue in the waiver form. For example, not consuming alcohol or drugs, following the instructions or being over the age of 18.

Thanks to Briq’s integrations with Smartwaiver and Waiver Forever, your guests can automatically receive your electronic waiver after booking and sign it online before arriving at your venue. This means you and your guests can fully focus on a fun day of go-karting.

What should be included in the waiver?

What to include in your waiver depends on your venue and your own wishes. You may have different rules for go-karting for children than for adults. Go-kart facilities often include the following in their waiver:

  • You aren’t responsible in case of any damages, injuries and losses deriving from your guests renting or driving a go-kart
  • Your guests assume the potential risks and dangers of driving or renting a go-kart
  • Your guests agree to pay you back for all damages to your venue and equipment caused by them
  • Your guests haven’t consumed alcohol or drugs
  • Your guests follow all rules and instructions at your venue

Get your free go-kart safety waiver template

If you don’t have a waiver form yet, or if you’d like to improve yours, here’s a handy safety waiver template for your go-kart venue.

Disclaimer: this waiver is a template and may not be fully correct or complete. We always recommend you consult legal advice before setting up your go-kart waiver.

Go-kart waiver template

Got your waiver ready? Briq’s booking software completes the experience

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your guests could not only book and pay for their day of go-karting online, but also sign the waiver online beforehand? All this, and more, is possible with Briq’s integrations with Smartwaiver and Waiver Forever.

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