Go-kart software – the software you need and how it works

Integrations February 25, 2022
Go-karting at the Kartfabrique

All go-kart venues need go-kart software to manage and time their heats. Go-kart (booking) software also helps venues make guest experiences unforgettable. 

We explored the go-kart software at the Kartfabrique, a well-known go-kart venue in the Netherlands, to get a better understanding of what kind of software go-kart venues use and need. 

Timing software is the main go-kart software

The main software go-kart venues use is timing software. Each go-kart has a transponder that sends out a radio frequency signal at a specific point on the circuit. This allows you to track exactly – to one thousands of a second – when the kart crosses the finish line. 

The timing software matches each go-kart and race time to the name of a guest. At the end of the race, you get an overview of the lap time of each guest. The software tracks every heat separately, until the final race.

There are different companies that provide such timing software. Examples are Clubspeed, Innomeer and SMS-Timing. 

What go-kart software does for the Kartfabrique

The Kartfabrique uses Clubspeed as their timing software. They used SMS-Timing in the past, but shifted to Clubspeed after they started using Briq’s booking software since Briq integrates with Clubspeed. 

Timing software helped the Kartfabrique improve its guest experience. Guests enjoy the competition and want to know exactly who drove the fastest. As a go-kart venue, you want to give them a true Formula 1 race experience.

The software also enables them to centrally pause the timing of each heat, in case of an emergency or defect. This ensures guests don’t lose time in their heat.

More automated and personalized experiences – the future of go-kart software

Go-kart software will further personalize the guest experience in the future. Newer technology will more precisely track the go-kart and directly show this to the guest during the heat. For instance, drivers will get to see how they take turns and learn to improve their driving style. This technology is currently only used on professional go-kart tracks.

With the Kartfabrique’s mobile app you can see how fast you’re going

At the moment, the Kartfabrique is experimenting with a mobile app that gives guests live insights into their performance on the track. More precise tracking and timing can also automate the safety measures on the circuit. The Kartfabrique, and many other go-kart venues likewise, now still have employees on the circuit to guarantee safety. New software will be able to automatically wave a yellow or red flag as a warning for other drivers in case of an emergency.

The software could do more than timing in the future. Advanced go-kart software features could play a role in the management of the warehouse and the maintenance of the go-karts too. The software could track how many and which go-karts were used each day, when parts need to be replaced and how many go-karts are in stock.

Briq’s booking software and go-kart software integrated at the Kartfabrique 

Briq is currently working on an exciting integration between Clubspeed’s timing software and Briq’s go-kart booking system. When guests book the Kartfabrique through Briq’s booking system, their names and information will automatically be transferred to Clubspeed’s timing module. All guests have to do when they arrive at the venue is check in at the reception with their booking code. 

The aim is to make the guest flow as smooth as possible, both for clients as well as for the venue. This feature will soon be available for the Kartfabrique and other go-kart venues.

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