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Customized experiences May 30, 2022
Go-karting at the Kartfabrique

Are you running a go-kart venue? Then you’ve probably welcomed many different guests – from groups of friends to kids parties and from families to students. 

People have different tastes, which means people want a different type of experience. To provide each guest with the experience they like, you can offer custom made deals for each target group. 

Find out which target groups you should cover and what they like.

Who likes to go go-karting?

In order to have the best deal for each guest, we’ve divided the guests into the most common guest types. Discover great go-kart deals for:

  • Friends
  • Families
  • Kids parties
  • Couples
  • Students
  • True go-kart lovers

Go-kart deals for friends

Groups of friends want to have a fun day or night out, which includes more than a heat of go-karting. Organize a friends competition with multiple heats of go-karting, a trophy for the winner and drinks and bites afterwards. With live music you create a fun party atmosphere, that will do for groups of friends too.

This target group is also a big fan of trying different activities. For example, combine go-karting with a game of laser tag or with competitive socializing activities from 501 Entertainment. Let them enjoy table tennis, interactive darts, karaoke or arcade games. Or what about drift karting, also known as crazy karting, like they offer at De Fabriek? They’ll love it!

Go-kart deals for families

When parents take their kids go-karting, safety’s the first priority. Luckily, for the younger drivers there are karts in a smaller size and that have slightly less power and speed. This way, the kids can safely tear across the track without losing control of their kart. The kart is still fast and racing remains just as fun, but the racing is more appropriate for kids. 

It means that if you have kids on the track, the adults can’t go faster to ensure safety too. Something you should take into account when planning your heats and creating family packages.

As an activity package for families, think about adding disco music and LED lights, or a special competition for parents and children. The kids go on the track together and drive a heat, afterwards the parents go on the track to race. By combining the racing times, there’s a winning family.

And what’s better than ending the day with pancakes?

Go-kart deals for kids parties

How awesome is it to go karting as a kid with all your friends? As said before, there are special karts for kids, so they can also enjoy racing already at a younger age. At Coronel they have special karts for children aged 8 and over and taller than 1.30 meter, which are equipped with a safety belt and adjustable seat. 

For kids parties it’s important to have a deal in which everything is included. So next to one or two heats of go-karting, don’t forget to add food and drinks. This could be a birthday cake upfront and lemonade in between the heats, so they can recover and share their experiences. Another activity like laser tag or mini-golf is also great for kids parties. 

Turn on the disco music and make it an unforgettable party!

Go-kart deals for couples

Couples visiting your go-kart track want to enjoy each other’s company. This means a more private arrangement or something special better suits their needs

They’ll absolutely like it if they can combine their go-karting with a candle light dinner afterwards. Or what about a bottle of champagne to celebrate the winner? 

For example, jump in on Valentine’s Day, like R1 Indoor Karting did last year. They created a couple of activity packages for Valentine’s Day. In this deal 1 go-kart race, a 90 minutes challenge in the TimeZone and a heart shaped pizza were included. The image with the hearts and the activity title immediately make clear this package is all about Valentine’s Day and meant for couples. 

R1 Indoor Karting offers special go-kart deals for Valentine's Day - Briq Bookings

Next to Valentine’s Day, there are many more interesting dates you can offer special packages for. What about a Halloween themed party or something with a national holiday? In our content calendar we’ve added interesting days to inspire you to create awesome deals and promote them at the right time.

Go-kart deals for students

Students like outings that aren’t too expensive. They visit you to socialize with each other, have a beer and participate in one or more activities.

Create a fun package for a fair price, such as one heat of racing and competitive socializing games, like pool or darts. Also, let them book your venue during off-peak hours for a reduced price and include beers and finger food.

Go-kart deals for true go-kart lovers

People who really love to go karting should be able to book a package that just includes go-karting. They want to improve their skills and challenge others. Offer packages with multiple heats of racing and include extra heats as cross-sell. As an upsell you can add faster go-karts, to make the experience even more awesome.

Organize a competition for the true go-kart lovers with which they can win a prize. These guests also love practice days, so inviting a professional driver to give tips and tricks will definitely attract visitors

Make your experiences a success

Guests who leave your venue happy, make you happy. So how do you achieve that? Try to make the experience as personal as possible. After you’ve set up awesome go-kart deals and added them to your webshop, make sure to also add the right upsell and cross-sell options

With upsell and cross-sell options we mean extras your guests can already book during the booking process. Show them extras that are relevant to their package, such as an extra heat of racing, fries and soda for kids parties or beers and snacks for groups of friends – your guests simply select what they like. Not only does this complete the experience of your guests, it also increases your average order value

As soon as the guests arrive at your venue, it’s time to deliver on your promises. Make sure the check in goes smoothly and your staff is friendly. To make the experience unforgettable, also pay attention to what software you are using. The right timing software, lighting and catchy music complete the experience.

Read why a frictionless guest experience is key for your leisure business.

All your go-kart deals bookable in just a few clicks

With Briq’s go-kart online booking system you sell your (multi-activity) packages in your own intuitive and mobile-friendly webshop. We help you with the setup and integration of tools you’re currently using, to make it as easy as possible for you. Even sending out waivers can be automated, so they don’t have to be signed during check-in.

The online booking system enables you to simply combine multiple activities into one package and add upsells and cross-sells in the booking flow. This way your guests can create their own personalized day out and you make more revenue. 

Briq’s smart booking scheduler automatically calculates the optimal program for your guests and adds the booking to your calendar. This means less manual work for you.

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