How to make your Family Entertainment Center really stand out

Leisure industry April 14, 2021
How to make your Family Entertainment Center really stand out - Briq Bookings

1. Strong online presence

Let’s be honest, the majority of Family Entertainment Centers have not changed in the last 30 years or are a little bit reluctant to go along with technology. This is even emphasised today, when everyone is used to all kinds of electronic devices. Having your business align with technological developments, and offer your customers that you understand them, and want to make their life easier, they will be more likely to engage with your venue, and the rest is up to the experience itself.

2. Serve large groups 

Hosting events for groups up to 6 people can be, and surely is, an easy task for many FEC’s. However, what happens if you start getting requests for large groups of 15, 20 or even 40 people for a multi-activity day out? If customers looking for this option cannot do it themselves, online and right away, your business might be already losing some ground. But wait, this can be easily solved if you have a smart online booking engine, that takes care not only of your guests’ booking, but also of your venue availability and capacities. Customers value the fact that they can create their own outing, that the process is simple and fast.

3. Bundle your activities

Going to a Family Entertainment Center to do one activity, karting for example, is definitely fun. But let’s think about this, an activity can last 1 hour, or even less, on average. If customers are already planning to go to your venue, why not give them even more great fun by having them do more activities such as laser tag, axe throwing, escape room, and finish off with a dinner with family or friends. Definitely, you don’t want them to miss out on the fun, and you surely don’t want to miss out on the revenue!

4. Offer kids parties and events for adults

A Family Entertainment Center’s goal is for all ages (mostly) to have fun and enjoy time together. Whether that is birthday parties for kids, a hen/stag party for grown-ups or any corporate event, if you can offer a tailored program for them, through a seamless online booking journey, your venue will definitely be a top of mind option. Also, many traditional FEC’s are not set up for adults and kids events, at the same venue. However, successful FEC owners often provide a separate area for smaller kids to play, with attractions tailored to them, so they don’t get intimidated by the older ones. If you can entertain both adults and children, why not do it and make the best out of your resources?

5. Engage and inform through automated messages

Once customers have booked an experience at your venue, a great way to show how much you care about their experience, and about them, is by sending automated emails, notifications or reminders. With life happening, people have their minds full of daily tasks, work, family matters, etc. so going the extra mile by sharing valuable information about their upcoming event can definitely make the difference.

6. Prioritise cleanliness and safety

Of course, this has always been important – but the last year has marked a before and after regarding this topic. It’s not just about the act of cleaning, either. It’s also about creating proof that your guests should feel confident that your facility is sanitised.

To build confidence in your guests that your Family Entertainment Center is clean, safe, and sanitary; speak it, list it, post it! Make sure your cleaning log sheets and sanitation rules/information is posted in the proper locations and easy for your guests to see. Have your guidelines on your website, Facebook page, posted on your front door and in your venue.

We have seen that business-savvy Family Entertainment Center owners are the ones that experience faster growth, however, if you would like your business to be ready for the future and technologically equipped, that’s what Briq is all about.

We can help you define a unique value proposition and get ahead of the competition, so if you want to know more about your next move towards digitising your business, contact us!

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