Do’s and don’ts for booking confirmations emails for leisure centers – with examples

Online growth October 08, 2021
Do's and don'ts for booking confirmations emails for leisure centers

A booking confirmation email is important to reassure your customers. It’s also a great way to show your customer who you are as a brand and what you stand for. As a leisure business owner, you’ll regularly need to send out a booking confirmation. ‍

And yes, there is a right and a wrong way to do so.

‍If you aren’t sure how to write a booking confirmation email for your leisure business, or if you simply want to improve the one you already have, then use these effective best practices and examples to create a great confirmation email

Let’s jump in with 3 do’s and 3 clear don’ts! Or scroll straight down to the examples at the end of the article.

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Why booking confirmation emails are important

  • Your customers expect to hear from you
  • It creates an instant connection between your family entertainment centre (FEC) and the customer
  • Confirmation emails create a sense of trust
  • You remind your customers of their booking

1. Do send the email right after the booking

This may seem pretty straightforward, but customers expect to receive a confirmation email right after the booking. If you send the confirmation too late, the customer will be confused.

For a seamless booking experience, you need to stay away from confusion and worry. Therefore, make sure to send out the confirmation email as soon as possible after the booking.

Next, it’s a good idea to stay in touch with your customer. You can send a reminder of the booking, or personal offers at a later time. Briq’s booking system saves you time by allowing you to integrate with other tools to send out automated emails. 

2. Do confirm you customer’s request

Customer loyalty happens when you remove as many worries as possible from your customer’s mind. That’s exactly what a confirmation email does.

By confirming the details of their booking, such as the time, location, groupsize, you’ll reassure your customer and take away any post-purchase anxiety. Make sure the confirmation follows right after the purchase. Briq sends out automated confirmation emails to all customers with all booking details.

Sometimes customers forget their booking and a confirmation email is also a great way to remind them. This will help reduce no-shows

3. Do keep it short and sweet

Get to the point. No one wants to scroll through a lot of irrelevant information. With a clear email, you’ll set the tone as a brand that values good communication.

‍Make sure all the important information about the booking is there, and add a powerful sign-off. For example: ‘’The countdown to [event] begins!’’ or ‘’Cheers’’. As always, make it personal.

If you send a memorable confirmation email, your customer will feel positively about your business. A good email will also increase the chances that the customer subscribes to your email marketing. 

But… 1. Don’t neglect mobile

More than 80% of all people use their mobile device to check their email. Therefore, make sure your confirmation email is mobile-friendly.

‍Test your email before you send it out. Check if the text is readable, make sure the email loads fast and test if the design suits a mobile screen. A seamless working confirmation email shows professionalism and ensures a good customer experience. 

At Briq, we understand the importance of an optimal experience from all devices. That’s exactly why we don’t only offer mobile-friendly confirmation emails, but we also provide customers with a fully responsive booking system from any kind of device – desktop, tablet or mobile.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of branding

Make sure your business is recognizable. Build familiarity and be consistent. Take some time to select and create the design of your email.

‍This is an opportunity for you to present your logo, brand colours or any other elements that will remind the customer of your business. That’s why we value Briq’s customizable email templates. We offer standard email confirmations for all bookings, but you can also create your own.

Besides the layout, your text is also a way to brand your emails. Your tone of voice and your turn of phrase will all influence the way customers perceive your business. Find your voice and your brand personality. 

Do you like to send out offers to your customers? One of the biggest mistakes would be not to give interested customers the opportunity to subscribe.

‍This confirmation email is your first point of contact. Make sure to make it appealing to subscribe so that your customers will want to hear more from you. For example by giving them a discount after subscribing. 

Example of a good booking confirmation email

Do's and don'ts for booking confirmations emails for leisure centers - example of a good email - Briq Bookings


Why this is a good booking confirmation

  • All details of the booking are confirmed
  • The tone is friendly, playful and personal
  • The email is short and includes only relevant information, such as the booking details and your contact information
  • A personal itinerary customizes the booking experience
  • It’s attractive for the customer to sign up for your newsletter

Example of a not-so-good booking confirmation email

Do's and don'ts for booking confirmations emails for leisure centers - example of a not-so-good email - Briq Bookings

Why this email isn’t ideal

  • Important information, such as the booking details and your contact information is missing.
  • The phrases are unnecessarily long and repetitive.
  • The tone of voice is impersonal and seems unauthentic.
  • The email isn’t branded. The name of the venue is missing in the text and the layout isn’t eye-catching.
  • The sign-up option is missing.

What can you do today to fix your booking flow?

When your emails look good, your business does too. And how about your website and webshop? There are many ways in which you can perfect your online booking experience. 

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