How to use the right SEO keywords for your leisure business

Online growth November 26, 2021
How to use the right SEO keywords for your leisure business - picture from Briq Bookings

Over 90% of your customers use Google as their main search engine to find and book your venue. If I search for SEO keywords such as “bowling venue nearby’’ or “go-karting nearby’’ in your area, is your leisure business in the top ranking pages? You sure want to be!

SEO is about leading more and better traffic to your website. More traffic = more bookings.

What SEO keywords should your leisure business use?

For your customers to find your website, you need to ‘‘speak the same language’’ as them. This means that you should use certain keywords. Google will notice that you use the same keywords as customers and will show your page higher in the search results.

Does that sound good to you? Here are some keywords ideas to get you started with SEO keywords:

How to use the right SEO keywords for your leisure business - picture from Briq Bookings

We highly recommend you do some research on your own as well to assemble a complete list of SEO keywords. There are many tools that enable you to do keyword research, such as Semrush, SERanking or even Google Search Console.

Finding SEO keywords for your leisure business

Here are 4 things to consider when you start looking for SEO keywords for your leisure business

1 . Pay attention to the search volume

This refers to the number of people that look for that keyword each month. If a keyword has a very low search volume, it won’t generate any traffic on your website.

On the other hand, a keyword with a very high search volume will be difficult to rank for due to more competitors. Generally, you want to stick to keywords with a search volume between 100 and 10.000 each month.

2. Look for a keyword with little competition

A SEO tool will also show you how many other businesses try to rank for your keyword. A keyword that has lots of competition will be harder to rank for. Therefore, choose keywords with little competition so that your website can rank more easily. This means you’ll show up higher in Google making it more likely for your potential customer to find you.

3. Use variations of your keyword

Your tool will most likely give you different versions of your keyword. For example, if your keyword is ‘‘go-karting in Charlotte NC’’, you can think of related keywords such as ‘‘Charlotte NC go-karting’’ or ‘‘where can I go karting in Charlotte’’. Google will recognize these variations and will make your website rank higher.

4. Use long-tail keywords

Most relevant keywords are long-tail. This means that the keyword consists of multiple words, for example ‘‘laser tag in Miami Florida’’. Long-tail keywords are effective for two reasons: visitors that use them have a specific search intent and they have less competition.

Let us know if these SEO keyword insights were useful to you and get in touch if you’d like to know more about how we can help you with your online growth

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