75% of Planet Awesome’s bookings are made online since they started with Briq

In the spotlight February 14, 2022
Planet Awesome joined Briq in 2020

Make visitors forget about reality for a while. That’s what Dutch family entertainment center Planet Awesome aims for. They offer guests a unique range of challenging activities with a high wow factor and great catering facilities.

To achieve their goal, Planet Awesome wanted a smooth and easy online booking experience for their guests. And so they joined Briq Bookings in March 2020, the start of a collaboration we’re very proud of!


Magical and fun experiences for everyone at Planet Awesome

The name says it all: at Planet Awesome you’re guaranteed to have an awesome day out. You can visit the venue for a wide range of activities, from go-karting and bowling to laser gaming and glow in the dark golf.

Oh, and have you ever heard of Virtual Reality escape games? This combination of virtual reality and escape rooms has resulted into amazing games. Put on your VR headset and try to escape in time. It’s exciting and sensational!


Forget about reality while laser gaming
Forget about reality while laser gaming


Planet Awesome wanted fast and easy online bookings for their guests

One of Planet Awesome’s wishes was receiving online bookings as much as possible. A good and short sales funnel helps. That’s where Briq’s online booking system comes in.

‍All relevant information about the venue and their activities is easy to find in the webshop Briq created for Planet Awesome. When a guest wants to book, this is done in just a few clicks.

The result? A frictionless booking flow for Planet Awesome’s guests and the perfect start of a great day out. Around 75% of the bookings made are now done online and 68% of the bookings outside opening hours, which shows why it’s important to be bookable 24/7.

“Briq has given us the opportunity to get the most out of online bookings.” – Peter Oosterbroek | Co-founder of Planet Awesome

Go-karting at Planet Awesome
Go-karting at Planet Awesome

Briq as a long-term solution for Planet Awesome

Not only is Planet Awesome happy with the quick and easy booking process, the clear planning board makes it possible to better estimate the required occupancy per day. This allows their staff to focus on creating the best day out for their guests.

To ensure a smooth implementation, the employees from Planet Awesome received practical training and support from Briq’s Customer Success Team. They now have full control and all necessary knowledge they need to run the daily operations.

“You don’t have to be a whiz kid to understand it, because Briq is easy to use.”

Because Briq offers a growing number of possibilities in the field of integrations, Planet Awesome chose Briq as their long-term solution.

Check the webshop and book your day out

Do you want to forget reality for a couple of hours? Then have a look at Planet Awesome’s webshop and book your awesome day out!

Planet Awesome VR Escape Games
Virtual Reality Escape Games

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